Tiny Revolutionary Unique Kids Clothing Review – Fun Clothes with Purposes

It is very important to train the kids about how to make the world a better place at a very young age.   I started my kids at an early age by preparing Christmas shoe boxes for kids living overseas.   Media also plays an impact on how kids perceive the world.

Tiny Revolutionary is a kids clothing company.  It is not an ordinary clothing company,  Tiny Revolutionary produces tshirts with prints that spreads out peace, love, hope, and responsibility for the world around our little ones (and the adults around them, too-we hope).

Tiny Revolutionary Clothing Prints with Purposes

I received a baby onesie with an inspiring print from Tiny Revolutionary as a product review.  Tiny Revolutionary cotton onesie is a high quality.  I love the softness of its material with  Excellent stretch and recovery.

Tiny Revolutionary Package
I love my handwritten note from BreeAnne, one of Tiny Revolutionary owners.

There are many onesies and tshirt designs with multiple purposes and campaigns available at Tiny Revolutionary website.    I picked the cutest orange-gold colored onesie for my little one with pictures of a baby bottle and an army tank on it.  The onesie prints “More Milk, Less War”.   At that time when I decided to choose the particular design,  I was still exclusively pumping for my little one and struggling with keeping up with supplies for my little one and working full time.

Tiny Revolutionary "More Milk, Less War" Onesie

As I read further,  More Milk, Less War design was inspired by the “International Breast Milk Project (IBMP)”.  In many areas in the world,   there are lots of babies, whose moms’ lives were taken away by disease or war, deprived of the very basic life necessity.  These babies have no mothers to provide them with milk and love.   It was an eye-opener for me not to take my ability to provide the gift my little one needed for granted.  Reading the stories that there were 1.4 million children were orphaned due to HIV/AIDS in 2007, my struggle is small compared to what these children are going through.

AOM Baby in Tiny Revolutionary Onesie
Buy Tiny Revolutionary Clothing?

You can buy Tiny Revolutionary kids clothing at their website  or their retail partners (see list). Price points ranging from $20 to $35.


Tiny Revolutionary's Commitment

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Tiny Revolutionary who provided the product for review.

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