Getting and Staying Organized with Brother P-Touch Labeler – Before and After Pictures

Last week, I announced that I was going to get motivated and Organize my kids’ toy closet. It is pretty bad when you and your kids know you have toys and art supplies but can’t find them because of the mess!  Below is the embarrassing before photo of my kids’ toy closet.


You could hardly walk into the closet, how could anyone find anything?!

I’m not sure how it got so bad but I know that by not having anything in order, kids can’t be responsible to keep it neat and tidy. Having a system in place where everything has a place is going to make it easier for everyone to find their toys and keep it clean.

Cleaning the Toy Closet…

Normally, my kids help clean their bedrooms and tidy up their toys after playing. I just let the toy closet get out of hand with our busy schedules, lack of organization, etc. This wasn’t a task that I could possibly torture my kids (or me) with having them help. I spend the day organizing, cleaning, tossing, donating, and labeling everything.  As you can see below – it wasn’t a pretty sight! Our poor puppy, Roxy looks confused and scared below!

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It took me hours to clean the toy closet…


I have cleaned the toy closet before – it wasn’t always that messy! I placed items in bins and locations that made sense to me. I placed all the action figures together, all the animals, etc. However, my brain works differently than my kids’ brains. They didn’t know what items belong in each container – or even that each had its own place. This time, it is different. I labeled every container according to what my kids would understand.

I used my Brother P-Touch Labeler, it was so easy!

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It is easy to use while you organize since it is a handheld device.  Simply type out the word you want, click print, then the cut button.  You can even format the front size, length, 1 or 2 lines, and more. YOu can even add symbols, frames, and other templates. For my project, I kept it simple.

The labels are easy to use too. They have a split-back so it makes it easy to peel and stick to your project.

Toy Closet After…

This is my kids’ toy closet after cleaning, organizing, and labeling with my Brother P-Touch Labeler.

[slickr-flickr tag=afterlabels]

I have everything organized by types of toys and kids. Our games are ordered with family and adult board games on the highest shelves. Kids games, science projects, and crafts are on lower shelves. Art and craft supplies are labeled and items that are specific to each child are labeled. I have 2 sets of drawers, each child has 1 drawer for each set. Now, they have a special spot for their own pencils, notepads, stickers, and the like.

Getting and Staying Organized

Earlier this month, my son needed to bring school supplies with him to school and neither of us could find them in the messy closet. I knew that I had tons because I stocked up at the beginning of the school year – but I didn’t know where they were. After organizing and labeling all of our art, craft, and school supplies – I know where everything is. I won’t be running to the store paying double for a box of crayons and glue sticks again!

Brother P‐Touch Labeler Review
Love my Brother P‐Touch Labeler!

Our home doesn’t have a basement or attic for storage/clutter. I must stay organized. Using the Brother P-Touch Labeler for the overwhelming toy closet project has inspired me to become more organized in other rooms of the house. It is essential for our home – and now I have a plan.  Next, I’m tackling both my kids’ bedrooms, then I’m headed to our storage room. I feel like if I have to place a label on it, I’ll be more aware of what I’m keeping and why. Who wants to label a mix-matched box of junk? It’s a great tool for me to get and stay organized.

Check out the Brother P-Touch Facebook Tab for inspiration on getting and staying organized in your home too.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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