Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home with TruGreen

Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home with TruGreen

Are you sick and tired of ants, stink bugs, and other insects crawling around in your home? Your home needs a barrier like mine, to keep pests from entering your home! Years ago, we had so many ants and stink bugs that it was a daily battle. We used so many products and nothing seemed to work, it was embarrassing and so frustrating. We called TruGreen for their Home Pest Control program and have been happy ever sense.

Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home with TruGreen
Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home with TruGreen

I received TruGreen services to facilitate this post.

Just like with all TruGreen services, the TruGreen Home Pest Control program is specifically geared to your home’s needs with a 3-step process.

STEP 1: Treat your home inside to help eliminate any pests already there
STEP 2: Create a pest barrier outside where most pest problems originate
STEP 3: Reinforce the pest barrier every quarter to keep pests out

Since we have been using this service for several years, we no longer need step 1.  Our TruGreen expert jumps to step 2 and sprays a barrier on the outside of our home.

Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home with TruGreen

He sprays several up on the house and onto the group around the entire exterior of our home. We have seen significant reduction of all insects in our home, instead of killing tens of ants and stink bugs daily, we may see only a couple stink bugs the entire season!  The Home Pest Control program fights to keep pests like ants, cockroaches, rodents and spiders out of your home. These pests get a foothold outdoors first, and then look to your home for additional food and shelter.

The Home Pest Control process takes only about 15 minutes total but the benefits last all season. We get the exterior of our home sprayed a couple times a year, but your home may need it quarterly.

Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home with TruGreen

Life is better without sharing your home with pests. Not only is it no longer embarrassing to have ants crawling on my kitchen counter or stink bugs on the walls, but my house is healthier too. Many pests carry bacteria like E. coli and Streptococcus! I don’t want the danger of that crawling throughout my home.

Lawn Pests

Lawn pests do more than just damage your grass – although they can quickly destroy your lawn from the root level! Lawn pests can eventually try to seek shelter in your home, so it is important to maintain a healthy lawn without pests and insect larvae. We use TruShield Lawn Pest Control. This is a simple add-on application that can be applied to your lawn while treating weeds and nourishing your lawn with TruGreen.

As with all TruGreen services, your satisfaction is 100% guarantee or your money back. All you have to lose are annoying lawn and household pests and insects.

Call TruGreen today at 866-688-6722 to finally get rid of those nasty insects and pests in your home and lawn.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to TruGreen who supplied the services for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the TruGreen website to get your yard started in the right direction.

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