Two Tiny Feet are a Reason to Tweet

We will be adding another little one to our family nest come 2014.


Even though I have known about the new addition for nearly three months now, I still am in awe. God is giving me another one of his precious souls to care for under my wing. While morning sickness and exhaustion continue to have my feathers in a ruffle, I am overjoyed to be carrying a tiny life again.

My excitement also is mixed with concern, however. My husband and I are quite busy currently with our three children – ages 5, 4, and 2 – on top of our numerous other responsibilities and financial restraints. I truly am worried I won’t continue to soar as a mother once baby no. 4 arrives. Adding a newborn to our present hustle and bustle surely will be an adjustment that I pray everyone handles well.

I would love to hear from mothers who also have large broods. Once January arrives, I know I will be flying all over the place trying to balance all my duties as a wife and mommy. Hopefully, I still will be able to find some time for a little rest and relaxation so I do not fly over the cuckoo’s nest! All advice would be appreciated from our readers who are experienced mothers.

I love birds. We recently had a robin’s nest in our butterfly bush, which is positioned in front of my bedroom window. I daily would watch the mother bird care for her young. It seemed like she spent her entire day entering the nest to feed her babies and departing again in search of more food. As she went through her day, she always tweeted the sweetest sounds. I believe that bird loved caring for her hatchlings. I truly love caring for my offspring, too. My desire is to always produce a cheerful song as I go about my duties as a mommy of four.

Sadly, I sometimes feel like I squawk more during the day than produce a melodious tune, which is something I am working on. Daily, I face dishes to wash; laundry to sort; weeds to pull; bills to pay; diapers to change; crayon scribbles to wash off the wall; children fighting over the same toy for the fifth time in an hour; dinner to prepare; phone calls to return; a writing assignment to turn in; and some broken appliance to try to get fixed. Squawk!

However, a few hours later, I have sweet little faces smiling at me as we snuggle and read books. I receive the world’s best hugs and kisses from children so cute only the Creator himself could have fashioned them so beautifully. In addition, I hear “thank you, mommy,” “I love you, mommy” and “mommy, you are beautiful” dozens of times each day. Tweet!

my kiddos

May we all enjoy each day we are blessed to be a mom and keep a tender song in our hearts through the ups and downs each new day brings.

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Emily, a freelance journalist, is the proud mom of five children, ages 4 to 12. She and her husband have been married 14 years, moving to the Akron area for employment 11 years ago. Although both originally from Pennsylvania, the couple fell in love with Ohio and are proud to call the state “home.” Emily and her family – also including a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel pup and a Holland Lop bunny – now reside in the Hartville area. She and her family love going on adventures, game nights, reading together and exploring and playing in their big backyard. Emily likes lending a hand at her church and children’s school. She enjoys family time, Bible studies, bargain shopping, trying new recipes, exercising and beach vacations!
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