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Do you consider yourself fashionable and a trend-setter? If so, this carries over into all aspects of your life, including your pets!  I’m not talking about dressing your pup up in poofy tutus, I’m talking about the fashionable and functional Kane & Couture dog collars, harnesses, leashes, dog carriers, and more.

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I received product to facilitate this post.

My puppy Cali is adorable. We found a couple collars and leashes for Cali, but nothing fashionable like Kane & Couture has to offer. We really upgraded our dog leash with the Street Chic Harness Leash pictured above. It is stunning. I’ve never seen anything quit like it. You can tell it is high end, giving my little puppy even more well deserved attention.

The leash is made of vegan faux leather and is Eco-friendly. Ours is a light blue, almost periwinkle in collar, perfect for male or female pups.


I’ve never had a harness leash before and really like it for taking Cali for a walk. Being a puppy, she is still learning to walk on a leash and tries to pull. We all know what happens when an energetic puppy pulls on a leash, they choke themselves. This Kane & Couture harness leash allows us to keep Cali under control without her choking herself. Even my 8 year old daughter can walk her with this harness leash! So, not only is it fashionable but highly functional.


This harness leash is an adjustable, step-in harness making it easy to put on and take off of Cali.

I noticed the rings attached to the leash and had no idea what they were for at first.  The rings allow you to attach accessories like keys, waste bags, etc that are perfect for walks at the local park.  Plus, the rings are stylish. Kane & Couture sells matching key purses and key chains that can be added to the rings.


There are many other styles and colors available in a variety of products to keep your dog stylin’. You could really upgrade your dog leash and collars by adding bling like the Bubba Dog Collection has to offer!


Kane and Couture has something stylish to offer every dog size, type, and style. Check them out when you are ready to upgrade!

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