The Ghost of Elvis and his Jazz buddies are costing us Billions in USPS debt

I go to the post office like everyone else and buy stamps.  There are always options- flowers, Elvis, Mickey Mouse, not quite famous (now dead) jazz musicians; The options do get out of hand – Often times the SHEET of stamps is 1/2 stamps, and 1/2 extra color printing.  I just want the stamp please!  Sell them to me on a roll so they fit on my desk!!

collectorThis rant today is brought to you because I just received a press release from the USPS.  Announcing a new US Postage Stamp with Kaleidoscope Flowers from the US Postal Service (In Debt).  The press release is complete with ways to buy these fancy new designs- how to buy as a stamp collector with a ‘first day available’ postmark, etc…  Ugh.  As stamp collecting is not in my genes (or in the genes of 99.9542% of Americans) I just happen to think that this is a waste of money!

I think all of this is really really horrible, because of course the USPS is in debt of $15 BILLION DOLLARS or more. How can you go on printing pretty pictures and spending time supporting a out of date hobby when you have no money to do so?  When you’re in debt, focus on what you do well and forget the rest.

  • Forget the commercials
  • Forget the athletic and racing sponsorships (ahem Lance Armstrong)
  • Forget the booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, (really? yes)
  • Forget the the jazz musicians (no one has heard of them)

Tell the USPS what you think by responding to this tweet I pulled from last week!


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