Finally, a Waterproof Phone for Moms! Kyocera Hydro Edge from Sprint

Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge on beach

Last month, I was introduced to an amazing phone for moms – one that can get spilled on, drooled on, and dropped in the sink and still work. It is a waterproof phone called the Kyocera Hyrdo Edge and is available with Sprint service. While in Chicago for a mom blogger conference, I was invited to take a cruise on Lake Michigan with Mom Central. I had a fantastic time talking with other bloggers, the Mom Central team, and the folks from Sprint and Kyocera. The views of downtown Chicago were amazing as well.

Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge  in Chicago
To show how waterproof the Hydro Edge really is, they had them submerged in fish tanks of water!  The Kyocera Hyrdo Edge is waterproof indeed for up to 30 minutes in up to 3.28 feet of water!
Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge fish tank
What an amazing waterproof phone for anyone but especially busy moms. Now, you can keep your phone with you no matter where you are – washing dishes at the kitchen sink, in the bathroom getting ready, or even to the pool without worrying about it getting splashed on. Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo EdgeI was so excited to receive my very own Kyocera Hyrdo Edge at the end of the cruise to test out and facilitate this post. Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge  in Chicago
During our trip to Cape Cod last month, I used my Kyocera Hyrdo Edge waterproof phone everywhere we went, including the beach. I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my waterproof phone with the gentle waves lapping up on it.

Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge on beach
Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge on beach

Yes, it still worked after that!

Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge  washed up at beach
Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge washed up at beach

Besides that, the 4″ screen is impact-resistant to withstand most accidents like the drops and falls out of the car, off the grocery cart, and other mishaps.

Just as I couldn’t believe it was waterproof, my kids couldn’t either. It isn’t an underwater phone, so you can’t make calls or take pictures under the water but it is nice to know that if your child splashes it at the pool or sink at home that it will still work.

Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge  in pool
Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge in pool

Sprint Kyocera Hyrdo Edge in poolSpeaking of cameras, the Kyocera Hyrdo Edge comes with a 5MP camera. It takes great pictures and stores a ton. I’ve been using this for many of my blog posts, can you tell? I take it places that I wouldn’t take my camera for fear of getting wet.

I really like this phone and the Sprint service in Ohio, Chicago, and everywhere between Ohio and Cape Cod has been excellent! I haven’t had any issues. In fact, I heard that Sprint is upgrading all of their network to 4G in the coming year, so it should be the best of the best!

All in all, this is a great smart phone option from Sprint. It allows you to talk, text, surf, and take pictures from your phone without the fear of getting it wet and ruined!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Sprint and Kyocera who provided the product for review through Mom Central.

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