We Need Puppy Training Help!

We love our puppy, Roxy. She is part of our family now. We adopted her this Fall from the good people at Medina SPCA. She was housebroken relatively quickly and easy. She is an affectionate dog that loves to play!  However, we need puppy training help desperately.

Last week, my husband let her out to go potty at 5am. By 6am, he gave up on getting her to come back inside the house and I went downstairs to attempt to get her to come inside.

roxydoorShe will come to the door when we say “Come” but she won’t come inside the door. I spent from 6am – 7am trying every trick I could to get her to come inside the door. In the end, I tricked her into coming inside the car for a car ride!

Since then, we keep her on a lease for middle-of-the-night potty sessions – and primarily every time she goes outside. The problem is that she doesn’t want to go potty while on a leash. Since last week, whenever we let her off the lease, she will come back to the door when we call her – but she won’t come inside the house for a LONG time. See what I mean with the below video.

In the above video, she and Arnold chased deer all the way back in the woods for about 40 minutes! They had a great time – and I’m sure were cold. Arnold came inside but Roxy couldn’t decide whether or not to walk through the door. It was cute at first but now it is becoming a problem. I use my “nice puppy” voice, we bribe with dog treats, we bribe with canned dog food that she loves, we bribe with her toys, we use our “stern-we-mean-business” voice, we feed our other dog treats in front of her, and we even get our kids to call for her. This usually last 20 or more minutes! argh!

Last night was a little easier. I think it was because she was hungry and the canned dog food looked good to her!

We Need Puppy Training Help!

Help! We need puppy training! Roxy is a good puppy, we just obviously don’t know what we are doing! LOL Obviously!

Do you have any suggestions? Please comment below. 🙂

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