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Chain of Betters

Sometimes I like to think about what I would do if I won the lottery. There are so many people I could help, so many good causes to impact, and so many lives I could change. It is amazing what money can do, right?  Money can improve lives, expand businesses, connect families, send children to college, and prosper communities.

The good news is that it doesn’t take winning the lottery to make a difference. Western Union is giving 5 people the chance to make a difference with the Chain of Betters project.


This is a sponsored post for Western Union.

Chain of Betters is an opportunity for you to make a difference in lives in your own community – and around the world with a $1,000 good deed. Western Union believes that when money moves, better things happen.

Watch this video to see how 4 good deeds changed the lives of many. The story about the children swimming across a river daily just to go to school broke my heart.

 Chain of Betters

I cried when I saw how a simple boat has changed the world for those young school children.

Do you know a need in your community that could be changed powerfully too? Could $1,000 impact those lives?

Western Union is giving $1,000 to 5 people around the world to continue the chain of good deeds.

Where would you donate $1,000 to make the biggest impact?  Think selflessly and submit your idea to Join the Chain of Betters. Your idea  should change as many lives as possible, be sure to include a photograph of the situation or how you would change it for the better with $1,000.

Check out the Chain of Betters ideas that people from around the world have already submitted and be inspired!


Stop daydreaming about what you would do if you had money to help your local community and submit your Chain of Betters entry before November 30, 2015. Each entry will be judged and 5 winners will be awarded $1,000 to change their community!

Western Union and their customers can help stimulate economies around the world by moving money, they do it every day.  As money moves around our world, a chain of good deeds will improve many lives in ways we could have never imagined possible.

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