What Kids Do Instead of Sleeping

Over the last couple weeks, my 8 year old son has been leaving surprises for my husband and I outside his bedroom door. He knows we will check on him before we go to bed, so I guess he thought he’d entertain us. Sometimes he leaves little notes and lately, he’s been quite creative.

Several times he has made mazes with a note to try the maze out. He loves making mazes!

He left a broken pencil the first night, so we got a new pencil and completed the maze.  The next day, he informed us that we were not suppose to write on the maze, but just use the eraser end of the pencil – which is why he left us a broken pencil. Oops  The last time he left us a maze, he drew a picture of a pencil with a line through it to be sure we remembered his rule. :) He makes pretty good mazes for a 2nd grader.


Two nights ago, we received some lovely artwork. They are some kind of monsters – maybe Pokemon? maybe Skylanders? I thought they were pretty creative. He has a vivid imagination.


Last night surprised me. There was nothing by his bedroom door, instead, he made a Dixie cup pyramid in their bathroom! It looks like it took him a good deal of time, I’m not sure how I didn’t hear him making this!


Kids are so fun, aren’t they? :)  I guess I can’t complain, he’s doing quiet activities to help himself settle down for bedtime. Plus, I have something to look forward to each night.

Do your kids do things at night when they are suppose to be sleeping?

Share in comments below – I’d love to hear your stories.

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