From Which Akron Car Dealer Should I Buy our Next Vehicle?

I am currently in the market for a new vehicle- the vehicle that will haul our children around town for the next 3-10 years, the vehicle that will drive us down to Virginia Beach for a getaway in 2015, or the long-lost road trip to Vermont in the fall that we never took.  This new vehicle will have to be there for us.  Now.. where is it?

Our Current Car Status

Right now I have a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe.  It has served us well.. we had bought it BEFORE KIDS in the hope that the step up into the vehicle would be beneficial when it came to buckling children into car seats.  Right now it is starting to rust, skipped past 111k miles, and has a bad habit of spitting up transmission fluid— so it is NO LONGER allowed in the house, or on any driveway that we would like to see stay the original color.

We also have  a 2007 Saturn Aura XR.  It’s a nice car, but it is medium sized sedan -and keeps shrinking as our kids get bigger- weird how that works.

We’re in the Market for a Minivan – I think… What’s your Advice on the Buying Process?

Like I said, the process of buying a car can be difficult.  Here’s my list of favorite second guess questions:

  • Did I get a good deal?
  • Did the dealer give me all the rebates, or keep them for themselves?
  • Was that optional rust proofing just a gimmick?
  • Should I have leased/Should I have bought?
  • Was the financing rate the best from the dealer, or should I have gone to my bank?

Car Shopping in Akron- Which Vehicle and Which Dealer?

Oh boy- now here comes decision making time!  Please add your two cents to this post!!!

Buick Enclave

Lambert Buick | Toth Buick
VanDevere Buick

I dream of the Enclave.  I have a friend who has one in Mocha Bronze Metallic and I am envious when I see her scooting around town!


Dave Towell Cadillac

The CTS Sport Wagon- this is one awesome car.  The styling is bold and my friends would see me coming from a mile away!  GiddyUp!


VanDevere Chevrolet | Doug Chevrolet
Serpentini Chevrolet Tallmadge | Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield
Marhofer Chevrolet

Hmm, I am really quite surprised to find out that Chevrolet doesn’t have a minivan.  Weird, no?  They do have the Traverse which is an 8 Passenger SUV Crossover.  Interesting that they push buyers in this direction.  The seats do fold down giving LOTS of room.  Crossover Traverse is a contender for me!

Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Falls Chrysler Jeep Dodge

The Chrysler Town and Country is quite the vehicle.  I think I like it in black.  The Dodge Grand Caravan?- It is the best selling minivan ever- there might be some credence to that!! :)


Fred Martin Superstore | Ganley Ford
Montrose Ford | Park Ford
Al Spitzer Ford | Mullinax Ford North Canton

I’ve been blessed to test drive Ford vehicles in the past- and took the Ford Explorer down to OBX a few years ago (I put up a YouTube video about getting it OUT of the sand on the beach- people still comment on that post almost every day- weird!?!)  The Explorer is big and roomie, but I think I would gravitate to the Flex.  Something about its “Boxy but good” features that maximizes the space draw me.

Honda Odyssey

Mike Pruitt Honda
Park Honda

Honda Odyssey.  I’ve read good things- and the video on the home page makes me feel like it will be OK to have ‘the van’.


Although I found our existing Hyundai Santa Fe to be pretty reliable and a good car- it only sports seating for 5. Should we continue to cram kids in when we want to bring friends along?
Ron Marhofer Hyundai


VanDevere Kia

I like the 3 row seating in the Sorento in the form factor of a minivan.  Great Crossover.  Then again the Sedona has some great storage and seating configurations at a great price.


Park Mazda
Cascade Mazda

I’ve read good things about the Mazda 5.   It is kind of a mini-mini van.  Might work?  Of course the CX-9 is beautiful too!


Ron Marhofer Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi Outlander looks like it is the lowest cost method to give the driver a third row of seats.  Not sold on it overall but the price tag might swing me!


Fred Martin Nissan
Ron Marhofer Nissan

The Nissan Quest isn’t afraid to put a square back end on the back of its body.  I think that’s bold.  Deep down I’d rather have an XTERRA, but, you know…kids and all and piles of kid essentials… and always the need to drag more than 3 around town…


Park Subaru

I’ve always loved the Subaru Outback.  I’ve always felt it was really the ROAD TRIP kind of car.  But, now, considering the Tribeca.  The name is just cool enough for me.


Ganley Toyota
Summit Toyota of Akron

Sienna.  This Mommy can’t wait to see it at the Auto show!


Dave Walter Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Routan has some beautiful interior dual color styling, and it looks like there is plenty of interior room.  I’ve never owned a German Car- have you?  I’ll climb on board at the AutoShow!

Our Next Step

Our next step is to find the right car.  But the questions abound!

  • What car do you suggest?
  • Does the dealership matter?
  • How can you find the best deal?
  • Think a dealer might like to be featured on AOM in a variety of ways?

Watch for this continuing story as we visit the autoshow, and start making decisions.

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