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It is the sweet moments in life that we treasure and hold onto dearly. KFC is offering a “So Good, So Sweet” Sweepstakes where you could win great prizes like:

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You can enter daily and it is easy, just for vote for your favorite KFC blogger, hopefully that is me, Cindy Orley. I am thrilled have been chosen to talk about one of my life’s “So Good, So Sweet” moments.

Good things seem to be even better when followed up with a tough time. It isn’t fair but it seems like the case, and so it is with my “So Good, So Sweet” unexpected moment. My husband and dated 4 years before we were married, then we waited another 5 years to start our own family, as planned. Within in a few months, we were expecting. We were excited to be young parents!

Our joy came to a crashing halt when we were suppose to hear our baby’s heartbeat at our 12-1/2 week checkup. The doctors said, “This is where the heartbeat would be if the baby was ok…but there is no heartbeat”.  He assured us that we could have another baby in the future, I replied that I didn’t want another baby…I wanted MY baby.  I was depressed for many months as I grieved. I couldn’t work for weeks as I’d just burst into tears at any moment, I couldn’t smile, I couldn’t be happy.

After nearly a year, we decided to try again, then I had a weird accident. Late for work, I was running through our bedroom and my pinky toe on our dresser. When I looked down at my foot, I was shocked to see my toe turned 90 degrees to the side of my foot.  My husband drove me to the doctor where I learned I would need a pin surgically implanted in my toe. They drew blood work, put a bandage on my toe, and scheduled my surgery for the next day. I headed to work for the remaining part of the day.

This is my “So Good, So Sweet” moment in life. The nurse from my doctor’s office called me at work to tell me that I was pregnant!

I couldn’t believe my ears! I was shaking, crying, and couldn’t even talk!

I called my husband and left work without even telling my boss why! Later he told me he knew what was going on!  I had my surgery the next morning, still floating on clouds of joy!

picture of Can you tell this is my "So Good, So Sweet" moment
Can you tell this is my "So Good, So Sweet" moment?

I was on crutches and had to keep my foot elevated above my heart for the next two weeks, so I stayed home from work. The pin in my toe really slowed me down and I had plenty of rest, this made me feel like I was protecting this baby. I was so full of joy over this new baby and still in extreme fear that I would lose it. I didn’t think I could handle another miscarriage. I was so careful the entire pregnancy and even started working at home on December 1st, for fear of driving in the snow – and losing my baby. I was so fortunate to have such a gracious employer and boss.

My sweet, sweet Elijah was born that January, almost 2 years after my first baby went to Heaven. The story doesn’t end with an easy delivery. After pushing for more than a hour, the baby’s oxygen levels were dangerously low. He had to be born within the next several minutes or he could suffer brain injury.  The doctor used the vacuum to speed up the process.  When Elijah was born, he had a large blood bubble (hematoma) on his head. They were rushing him to the Pediatric ICU when my husband pleaded for them to allow me to see or hold my baby. This was the most amazing moment in my life (equal only to when my daughter was born).  My heart was so full as I held him for 1/2 a minute. I was full of joy, love, and fear they rushed him away.

picture of My Sweet, Sweet Elijah
My So Good, So Sweet Moment

At 2am that night, a nurse brought me to the Baby ICU, Elijah was crying and they thought it would help if I tried to nurse him. Until then, we could only see him in the incubator, not hold or touch him. I could hardly believe it when they allowed me to hold my baby. I still start to tear up when I think of that moment. I was able to hold him for nearly 1/2 hour, and he calmed down for me. He wanted his mama.

picture of Life is So Good, So Sweet!`
Life is So Good, So Sweet!

I think of my first baby often and know that he is being taken care of in Heaven by God, and my loving grandma.  I was able to fully experience the joy of motherhood and my “So Good, So Sweet” moment when my baby boy was born. I had no idea the impact that my miscarriage and my first born baby would have on my heart as it expanded and grew and allowed me to experience a love that only a mom knows and understands.

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Official Sweepstakes Rules

Official Sweepstakes Rules

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