What if all of Akron lived in One Building?

The small town of Whittier, Alaska is an hour’s drive from Anchorage. They’re on the water and have some industry, a school, a tunnel under the town connecting various points of interest, and a single vehicle tunnel leading to the town that closes down every night.

But the most interesting part of Whittier, is that everyone, EVERYONE in the town, live in one apartment building.

Can you imagine everyone in Akron living together in a building fit for a few hunderd thousand? Weird. Would it be cozy? Would it be scary? Would it be a community builder or terrorifying for some?

I did read a book this past year that this video reminded me of- it was called Wool- by Hugh Howey, and everyone lives together in a giant ‘silo’ under the ground. 10,000 people.. all living amid concrete, hydroponic gardens, and lots and lots of stairs.

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