Akron, OH will be Building Another Roundabout – Smith and Riverview Road Intersection

Whoever has traveled in the Merriman Valley, coming down the hill from Smith Road joining to Riverview (Merriman)Road could be intimidating. With the busy traffic and the existing signal lights, there have been traffic accidents and confused drivers reported around that intersection.

Good news (or bad news?), everyone. Akron will begin a roundabout project there starting from July 25th, 2011. Be on the watch outs for road closures and detour signs around the area. It has been reported that the intersection would be closed for public access, but the date of closing has yet to be determined.

Other areas in Akron, OH that are already equipped with roundabouts: Copley Circle (the intersection of Cleve-Mass and Copley Road), the intersection of Jacoby and Ridgewood Road, the intersection of Ridgewood and Hametown Road, Martha Avenue Roundabout (near the Seiberling St. intersection) and Tallmadge Circle.

Corner of Smith and Merriman Road

What is a roundabout?

In a roundabout, drivers enter the intersection by navigating a gentle curve- a circle. Drivers yield at entry to traffic already in the roundabout, then proceed into the intersection and exit at their desired street.

A  roundabout has a round, raised central island. The circular shape is designed to reduce speeds to 15 to 20 mph. It also reduces the likelihood of t-bone or head-on collisions.

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