Ohio Mom Saves Baby Hanging from Gutter – An Interview with a Hero

Sandusky, Ohio mom, Jill Harper became a hero on Sunday night when she saved the life of an 18-month old baby boy. She couldn’t believe her own eyes when she saw a baby hanging from the gutter of a 2-story house in Sandusky, Ohio.

Her mother’s instincts and adrenaline kicked in as she pulled over, got out of her car, and ran to rescue the baby. When she reached the baby, she heard soft whimpering and knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. She could only reach the bottom of his feet. She told the baby,

“Baby, you can let go I will catch you.”

While in her my mind she prayed to God,

“Please don’t let me be lying to this little boy, God. Please let me catch him”

Jill went on to explain that it seemed like the whole world was still and quiet. Nobody was around, no one was outside, no car, not even a stray cat. She banged on the house for help while holding on to the baby when the baby let go.

The baby was hanging directly above steps. If the baby landed on the steps, he would be very hurt if not killed from that kind of fall.

I asked Jill what went through her mind when she caught the baby. She replied,

“Oh my God, I caught him. Oh my God, Thank you. Thank you.”

Jill Harper is a true hero and this little boy’s guardian angel. She was not supposed to be on that road that time of day. Jill got off work 1/2 hour early on Sunday which put her exactly at the house to save this baby boy at the right time. A half hour later and this story could have had a tragic ending.

Jill’s husband and daughter were just discussing earlier that they felt another path home from work would be faster for her. She was going to try their way home to see if it seemed faster but the light changed red right when she was going to turn, so instead, she turned onto Mills St when she immediately saw the baby hanging from the gutter.

Those two things could have made it so Jill didn’t drive past the house with the baby hanging from the gutter. Jill believes it was a miracle that she was there to save this baby and so do I.

I believe God put Jill Harper at that exact address at that exact moment in time to save this baby boy’s life. She recalls how she wished someone would come to help her because she was so scared. She knew he couldn’t hold on much longer and knew she couldn’t panic. The same could be said of the baby, he wished in his own way that someone could help him because he was scared and Jill Harper did.

“I don’t feel like a hero… I feel like it was just what I had to do… I had to stop… I had to catch him… I was his only chance.”

The Sandusky Police Department plans to recognize Jill Harper and her heroic actions in the near future. She deserves every bit of recognition. She sprang into action, with a mother’s instinct to save the little 18 month old Sandusky, Ohio baby boy who was hanging on for his very life. May God bless Jill and this little baby – I feel like He must have big plans for them both.

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