Ten Dangerous Ohio Roads that Require White Knuckle Driving

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, there were over 286 THOUSAND vehicle crashes in Ohio in 2015, with 71 THOUSAND leading to injury, and among them 1,042 deaths. Alcohol was involved in only 11,819 of these crashes-


that there are plenty of crashes not involving alcohol.

A statistic that to me says PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD.

As the snow starts to pile up on the roads, and sun glare at rush hour arrives, be careful out on Ohio’s Roadways. I came across this list on a Google Map and have repurposed it to show dangerous roads.  This is a multi-year collection of data that I took from OhioTiger.com, the law firm of Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz L.P.A. in Dayton, OH, – I’m sorry I can’t pinpoint how many years the data was collected for- but the totals point to multiple… This data was used with permission.

The below comments on road conditions are from my own experience, or view on Google maps, and may not be the exact reason for the high # of accidents.

10. Innerbelt Freeway at Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, in Cleveland, OH

With 446 accidents and 103 deaths, The Innerbelt has its shares of danger.  If you travel north on I-90 you will pass under a bridge, and have to slow to around 13 miles an hour to make a hair bender of a curve, you’ll know what I mean… Cities Highways are tight, and this one is no exception as it buts right up against the Lakefront airport, and the lake.

9. Interstate 71 at East 11th Ave, in Columbus, OH

With 445 accidents and 116 deaths, This straight stretch of highway pushes both the north and the south bound traffic close together, and doesn’t leave much wiggle room.  The surrounding land pours snow and wind down to this highway in a small valley.

8. Highway 670 eastbound where Olentangy Freeway merges, in Columbus, OH

With 478 accidents and 115 deaths, this very busy stretch of highway has plenty of merging going on, and with the bridge over Neil Avenue, and a beautiful view of Downtown, there are plenty of distractions.

7. Interstate 71 northbound where Highway 471 merges, in Cincinnati, OH

With 625 accidents and 91 deaths,This location has walls, foliage, and deceptively empty- non lanes dividing I-471 and I-71 North.    With a bridge in view ahead of you and further onramps.. There is cause for duress.

6. Interstate 75 northbound where Highway 475 eastbound merges, in Toledo, OH

With 610 accidents and 180 deaths, This confusing merge area hosts lanes of traffic heading in 8 different directions within view of this northbound track.  Dizzying to say the least!


5. Innerbelt eastbound at ramp to Interstate 71 in Cleveland, OH

With 657 accidents and 163 deaths, this stretch of land is protected by dense foliage in the summer (although some recently cut down) and a tight exit ramp to Interstate 71 North AND South… Lots of traffic, lots of merge accidents..

4. Rte 126 eastbound at Interstate 71 near Montgomery, OH

With 666 accidents and 102 deaths, Route 126 is a divided highway with cross traffic from the nearby I-71 Exit. There can be a lot going on in this intersection and a good reason to pay extra attention to what’s up ahead.

3. Interstate 71 northbound where Pfeiffer Rd merges near Blue Ash, OH

With 661 accidents and 208 deaths, I have no idea why this simple intersection is dangerous.. Maybe because the exit looks like a lane and not really an exit?  Shout out in the comments if you know…

2. Outerbelt South Freeway over Broadway Avenue near Maple Heights, OH

First heading down hill on this tight stretch of road, you With 715 accidents and 165 deaths, an overpass signals the start of an uphill climb, plenty of sky, and plenty of sun glare.

1. Interstate 75 northbound at ramp to Hwy 475 westbound near Perrysburg, OH

With 705 accidents and 231 deaths,  this seemingly uneventful spot is ripe for accidents.  Thankfully recently renovated, this stretch of road offers one too many exit choices and a view of a religious institution that may surprise or distract drivers new to the road.

The original map was featured on OhioTiger.com, the law firm of Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz L.P.A. in Dayton, OH, which lists also lists accident causes for the data.

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