Man Camps in Ohio

Shale Oil, Butane, Ethane, and energy under Ohio’s Eastern Half has some in Ohio’s Government concerned about the possible influx of Man Camps dotting the landscape from Youngstown to Steubenville.

Bob Downing of wrote an article last night about the POSSIBILITY of Ohio’s pending energy drilling explosion giving rise to an increase of mobile home living surrounding drilling rigs.

What is a Man Camp

A “Man camp” is the term used for a large influx of temporary housing utilized by men who move into an area to work in a particular industry when housing of any other sort is not available. There are piles of man camps in Nebraska, and out west- where the energy business is giving state governments there a surplus of tax revenue.

Buy shouldn’t Ohioans work there instead?

Of course, I’d like to see Ohioans drill for their own oil and natural gases, however, I personally don’t know ANY one who knows how to do this (and I know a lot of people).  Yes, that’s a very folksy answer, but, because NONE of us know drilling experts, its fairly true.

As in Western Energy Boom states, this does NOT mean that our economy won’t improve because we’re not given the jobs- these guys still buy products and live in our borders- and shell out cash.

How many Man Camps are there in Ohio Now

Well, as Bob said in his article, there aren’t any.. So this article is totally premature!  But it has a good title, so I thought I’d write it this morning;)

What does this have to do with the price of apples at Giant Eagle?

OK, it won’t affect us in economical ways, but…

Bob’s article does talk about needs for simple things like water management connected up to the high rise of RVs that could influx into these areas.  Lucky Kamper City!

A down side IS the sometimes ugly RV parking phenomenon in local towns, driveways, and such. (People rent their driveways out for this sort of thing), some towns in Nebraska have enacted RV parking bans on city streets.

Ohio is Readying…

Governor Kasich this spring did enact and solidify environmental rules regarding this possible drilling phenomenon, and cities are cleaning up and presenting specific requirements for man camps to drilling companies.

These requirements are coming from the examples set in other states.  I guess its good not to be first.



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