Marijuana Legalization and the Prosperity of Northeast Ohio

I keep reading about various organizations describing how marijuana legalization in Ohio will add jobs to the economy through adding players up and down the value stream – from retailers to growers. Press Releases, Ads, Newspaper Editorials ..ugh.

And as a blogger, almost every day, I get a request from a pro-marijuana group to publish something- whether it be a recipe, a medical treatment review or all sorts of varying combinations.

The onslaught is relentless, and they make it seem like legalization is a good thing…

I disagree.

Besides being a gateway drug, marijuana doesn’t exactly make folks work safer, smarter or faster… and that’s the  reasoning behind a workshop coming up at the Summit County Public Health Department.

Summit County Community Partnership

Alyce Jennings, Director of the Community Partnership of Summit County, sent me a note today regarding this August 11th workshop titled The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Business & The Workforce of the Future.

Business owners are going to take away an increased understanding of what the proposed marijuana legislation says and the implications operationally and financially for their businesses.

Our motivation in offering this workshop is to provide business owners and employees with basic information about current legalization efforts and what those efforts would mean practically for business owners.

Substance abuse affects employers in five ways: productivity, absenteeism/tardiness, use of medical benefits, theft, and an increase in accidents or worker’s compensation claims.

This workshop will give businesses a lot of nuts and bolts information on what the proposed marijuana legislation says and how this might look implemented in businesses.

Bottom line: all of us have a lot of skin in this game – whether we are parents trying to raise healthy, thriving children to healthy, responsible adults or businesses who are trying to increase their bottom line, benefit employees and help the region prosper.

If you want to know more and find out how you can educate other Ohioans about why marijuana in our community ‘ain’t gonna help nobody’Download this PDF Workshop Document

Register for the event here:

Akron, OH 44313

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