Share your Vision for Your Downtown Streets with your City Mayor

Do you think that the downtown streets in your town could use some work?  Do you have an idea?  Sometimes the hardest part is being able to explain yourself to others – especially when megabucks are on the line.

I found this cute little city street planning tool this morning that I found super easy to use, and a great way to share ideas and concepts with city government. allows you to see a profile of your street, from property line on the left to property line on the right.  It is a simple tool that isn’t meant to capture all issues, but can be used to get your point across if you see a need in your community.


Take Charge and send an idea into city hall! See our local government list here.  At worst you inspire someone, and best you get a medal of honor for upgrading your community.  Well, maybe…

What would you change around Akron?

  • Does Wadsworth’s Town Square need a new treeline?
  • Is Route 303 in Hudson too congested?
  • Are sidewalks in neighborhoods surrounding the new Goodyear Headquarters a good idea?
  • Does Green need a bus stop or two?
  • What about the neighborhoods surrounding new Cuyahoga Falls development?
  • What about poor old Krieger’s Fresh Market?

Just keep this tool handy next time you want to go activist!

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