Eggnog Brioche French Toast Recipe

Eggnog French Toast Recipe

So, I’ve been thinking about how to make this Christmas morning extra special for my family. We’ve always had this tradition of gorging on an array of homemade Christmas cookies – a ritual that my kids, now young adults, have loved since they were little. But as they’ve grown, so have our holiday traditions. It’s about time we added something new and exciting to our Christmas breakfast menu and I think I found the perfect recipe.

Enter this amazing find: Eggnog Brioche French Toast, courtesy of St Pierre Bakery. Imagine combining the creamy richness of eggnog with warm, festive spices, all soaked into soft, buttery brioche bread. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about!

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Eggnog French Toast & Caramelized Oranges
Eggnog French Toast Recipe
Skill Level easy
Skill Level easy
Eggnog French Toast Recipe
  1. First make the caramelized oranges. Trim the top off each orange then place on a board with the flat (trimmed) ends down. Using a small knife carefully cut downwards, following the curve of the fruit, to remove the peel. Now place the oranges on their sides and cut into thin slices about ⅛th of an inch
  2. Melt the butter in a non-stick skillet over high heat. Add the sugar and ginger and stir then bubble for 3 minutes. Add the orange slices and cook for 1-2 minutes until slightly caramelized. Carefully remove with a spatula and set aside on a plate
  3. Add the eggs, cream, vanilla, Eggnog liqueur, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar to a wide bowl and whisk together until well combined
  4. Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium high heat and add ½ tsp oil and ½ tsp butter
  5. Dip a slice of brioche loaf into the egg and cream mixture then add to the skillet. Repeat with another slice or two, depending on how many you can fit in your skillet
  6. Fry for a couple of minutes until golden then turn and cook the other side. Lift out onto warmed plates then repeat with the other slices
  7. Pile up the French toast then top with the caramelized oranges and drizzle over the toffee or caramel sauce to serve. Serve with an Eggnog drink on the side if you like!

Credit to St. Pierre Bakery for sharing this amazing recipe.

Preparing this dish feels like I’m weaving a bit of holiday magic right in my kitchen. The process is pretty straightforward – which is perfect for us busy moms. You whisk together the eggnog mix, dip in the brioche slices, and fry them to golden perfection. And the showstopper? Caramelized oranges and a drizzle of sweet caramel sauce on top. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! Many of you know that I create recipe videos for Acme Fresh Market. I discovered the amazing flavor of candied orange peel when I created this knock-out recipe for Carrot Cake so I know this will be an amazing addition to this Eggnog Brioche French Toast recipe.

The caramelized oranges are a game-changer. They add this lovely citrusy zing that balances the sweetness beautifully. Plus, they look so festive sitting atop the French toast – like little slices of Christmas joy.

What I love most about this recipe is how it feels both indulgent and comforting – exactly what you want on a Christmas morning. It’s a small change from our usual cookie feast but feels like a big step up in making the morning feel even more special.

Also, it’s a fantastic way to use up leftover eggnog, which let’s be honest, always seems to be hanging around during the holidays. Serve this up with a side of warm eggnog, and you’ve got yourself a breakfast that’s not just delicious, but also wraps you in that cozy Christmas feeling.

I can’t wait to see my family’s faces when they try this. I have a feeling this Eggnog Brioche French Toast is going to be a new favorite in our house. It’s all about making those small changes that add a bit of sparkle to our holiday traditions, right?

So, here’s to making Christmas mornings a little more special, one delicious recipe at a time.

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