Fun Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

Do your kids like sushi like mine? Are you planning a ninja themed party? Or maybe you just want a clever birthday treat to send to school this year. This fun Candy Sushi Rolls recipe fits the bill for all of the above and more!Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

My son is a sushi fanatic. When I asked him what food he wanted for his birthday, he replied, “SUSHI!” When I asked him what kind of birthday cake, he replied, “SUSHI!” I did a search online and combined a few ideas to create these super delicious Candy Sushi Rolls recipe.

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Fun Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe
  1. Heat butter and marshmallows in microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes, stirring after 1 minute until melted when stirred together.
  2. Add Rice Krispies cereal, stir until completely covered.
  3. Spray a 15 x 10 x 1-inch pan coated with cooking spray.
  4. Place Rice Krispies mixture in pan, flattening with a spatula that's also been sprayed with cooking spray.
  5. Cut circle shapes with a cookie cutter or other round object you have at home. I used a medicine measuring cup!
  6. Slice the fruit roll-ups to the width of the cut Rice Krispies and adhere.
  7. Add chopped pieces of Twizzlers on top - or place one Swedish Fish on top
  8. Wrap with plastic wrap any leftovers!

This is a super easy recipe. Prepare a batch of Rice Krispies treats as directed on the box – or in above recipe. Cut the treats into circles using what you have at home like a cookie cutter or a medicine measuring cup like I did.Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

The measuring cup did a great job making perfect little sushi-shaped sushi rolls.Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

There is no wrong way to top a Candy Sushi Roll. Use your favorite Fruit Roll-up or fruit leather as the Nori (seaweed). Chop Twizzlers up to top the sushi or place a whole Swedish Fish on top.Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

Cut the Fruit Roll-ups to the size of your sushi, then adhere. The candy is sticky and so are the Rice Krispies treats, so they should stick easily.Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

Add chopped candies on top. Gently press into the Rice Krispies so that they adhere. My kids like helping with this step – and eating the leftovers!Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

The result is a tasty treat that everyone will love! Add a little sushi grass to make the Candy Sushi Rolls even more authentic. Candy Sushi Rolls Recipe

My son was beyond thrilled with this as his birthday dessert and treat that he shared with his friends for his school birthday treat. It was a great nut-free option to take to school too.

My kids and their friends loved these Candy Sushi Rolls and I hope your family will too! Enjoy!

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