Low Acid Fruit Smoothie Recipe and Why I Use Finish Power & Free

Recently, my son has developed gastritis. His stomach is a wreck and he’s on medication to calm the acid in his stomach. Besides the medication, I’ve taken a look at the food he and our family consumes. I try to provide my family with a balanced meal plan daily as well as introduce them to an array of cuisine from across the world. We enjoy trying new foods and recipes.

One recipe I just came across that is good for a low acid diet are fruit smoothies. Fruits like bananas, pears, melons, and berries are good for digestion. I combined a couple recipes for the below Low Acid Fruit Smoothie recipe.

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Low Acid Fruit Smoothie
  1. Add frozen berries, peeled banana, and strawberries (without tops) to Baby Bullet.
  2. Pour orange juice over to the top of the fruit.
  3. Blend until smooth.


I am a member of the Finish Power & Free Alliance of Moms. This is a sponsored conversation, I received products and compensation.

It is so easy to make a quick smoothie for breakfast or evening snack for my kids in the Baby Bullet – it is the perfect size for serving size of 2.


My son (and daughter) likes the addition of this Low Acid Fruit Smoothie to our menu! It is a great way to start the day and will become the perfect Summertime cool-off treat too.

With all the things I’ve taken out of my son’s diet that he loves – like spicy foods, it feels good to see him smile with this new, healthier treat. Plus, he likes the new cool Mason Jar with Straw cup with it. Presentation always makes healthier foods taste even better, right?


Clean up is easy peasy in the dishwasher too!

Typically, I buy organic foods when it is economical. I read labels to ensure my family isn’t getting tons of preservatives and we try to stay as close to whole food solutions as possible.  I’m so glad that Summer is on the way so that I can buy local produce too, I try to buy local throughout the year for other foods, when possible. The more I learn about food and preservatives, the more I read labels and buy organic!

The same goes with cleaning products. The more I learn about the dangers of products we eat an clean with, the more conscious of what I bring into our home. As a mom, I do 95% of our household shopping. I make the buying decisions and I’m ultimately responsible for the products we use in our home and the foods we eat. I think it is important for us moms to educate ourselves for the safety of our families.

Why I Use Finish Power & Free

One reason I really like the new Finish Power & Free line of products is that I know that there won’t be a chemical residue left on my kids’ dishes after they are clean.

Can you say that about your dishwasher detergent?

Are the dishes your child eats off of, the spoons they put in their mouths, and the cups they drink from safe? They are clean, but are they safe?

I really like that Finish Power & Free is gentle too. When my kids were babies, I would hand-wash their sippy cups and dishes to keep them in good repair.

Finish Power & Free is the only dish washing solution that NUK-USA® recommends as a trusted brand for cleaning their feeding and care items.


It is a smart and convenient way to clean baby products in the dishwasher. The Finish Power & Free line is safe because it is designed to be less harsh.


It is something to think about. Why choose a cleaning product that may leave a chemical residue on the products your kids put in their mouths when there is a less harsh product available? Believe me, it works just as well too. I’ve been using the power & free version for months now as part of the Finish Alliance of Moms and my dishes have come out sparkly and clean every single time.

I would like to challenge you to #CleanItForward with less harsh chemicals too and take the Power & Free challenge with a FREE Sample and Finish Coupons.

You can also Like Finish Dishwashing on Facebook for the latest news and coupons.

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