Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe with Video Tutorial

Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe

Nothing says Spring like the arrival of fresh berries (at affordable prices) at the grocery stores.  My Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe maximizes the deliciousness of berries by combing them with fudgy brownies, strawberry topping, and fresh whipped cream. Once you try this recipe, you’ll be addicted!

Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe

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Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe

Check out how easy this recipe is to prepare with this quick recipe video:

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Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe with Video
Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe
Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe
  1. Prepare Brownies as directed on Pillsbury box
  2. Allow brownies to cool at room temperature for 2 hours or refrigerate.
  3. Cut into 16 squares with plastic knife for clean cuts
  4. Chop strawberries into bite size pieces
  5. For Whipped Cream:
  6. Chill Bowl and beater
  7. Beat heavy whipping cream at medium speed until soft peaks begin to form
  8. Add sweetener/sugar about a tablespoon at a time, until fully incorporated
  9. Add vanilla
  10. Assemble Trifle by layering whipped cream, brownie, Smucker's strawberry topping, berries and repeat.

There are two stars of this recipe, the Brownies and Berries. The fresh whipped cream is pretty awesome too!  I’ve found that Pillsbury Brownie Mixes offers consistent, delicious brownies every time. They are so quick to whip up anytime you want to give your family a homemade dessert or when you need a chocolate fix. I always have a couple boxes on hand.

Who can resist fresh berries? Mixing strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries with chocolate is simply perfection. Plus, it lightens this dessert.

Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe

I’m really enjoying the new Purely Simple line from Pillsbury.  This line contains no colors, preservatives or artificial flavors, so I feel really good about serving it to my family.  The Purely Simple Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix is amazing, especially for this recipe because there are actual chocolate chunks within the brownies!

This recipe can be prepared gluten-free with Pillsbury Gluten-Free brownie mix. If you haven’t tried Pillsbury’s Gluten Free products, you are missing out. They are delicious and very competitively priced.

Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe

We use just a small amount of Smucker’s No Sugar Added Strawberry Topping to this recipe for the perfect amount of tartness. For those counting carbohydrates like my family, this only adds about 4 carbs (1 tbsp) to the recipe.

Doesn’t this look like the most amazing Spring recipe?! Layers and layers of deliciousness. You can serve this Triple Berry Brownie Trifle recipe in a trifle bowl to take to parties or serve in individual serving bowls.

Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe

I choose to serve this recipe in individual serving bowls so that I can keep track of how many carbohydrates per serving. Both of my kids have Type 1 Diabetes, which means their pancreas is dead and doesn’t produce insulin. They can eat anything without restrictions (which is different than Type 2 Diabetes) but we give them insulin based on the # of carbs.

This recipe as prepared above has 8 servings at 65 carbs each: 50 carbs for brownies, 4 carbs for Strawberry topping, 6 carbs for berries, and 5-8 for whipped cream (depends on how much you use and if you use Truvia or sugar). You could also use prepared whipped cream for 0 carbs.

Triple Berry Brownie Trifle Recipe

This recipe serves 8, if you use 2 brownies per serving. For a smaller, yet still satisfying and delicious dessert, you can cut this in half by using only 1 brownie piece. This would be just 30 carbs per serving, a much more manageable size for most of us.

This recipe is a favorite for my family! I hope that it will soon be a favorite for your family and friends as well. Enjoy!

For more spring recipes to delight your family, visit the Pillsbury Baking website  as well as their Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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