A Baby Shower Gift with Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker, A Review

I love throwing a party and I love babies so baby showers are my favorite shower to host!  I love the whole process from the beginning (making lists) to the end (cleaning up)!  When I found out my new to our town friend was expecting her first baby I was eager to see if she would be having a local shower.  It ended up that I could have the honor of hosting some work friends, friend and new neighbors to celebrate her pregnancy and the soon to be arrival of her baby boy!  So Fun!

All ready for the shower to begin! Yum!
Lindsay being a sport during one of the games measuring her baby BUMP!

Gifting a Quality Mealtime Appliance

Along with throwing the shower for Lindsay I wanted to give her a gift that would help her in her new venture of mommyhood, but with so many things that new moms need, looking at registries can be very overwhelming.  I am a firm believer that functional products are the best gift and when possible getting a well known brand with a great warranty is a close second.  I know that they would like to have more children and so having well made and trustworthy products are a must be for new parents who want to make their mealtime appliances last for years to come.

I was so excited to give Lindsay the gift courtesy of Baby Brezza!
The One Step Baby Food Maker by Baby Brezza makes healthy baby food with its patented one step process

Since I was hosting a shower I was able to participate in “Baby Showers with Baby Brezza” and with this opportunity I was able to gift Lindsay with the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker.  Baby Brezza is known for their top quality but affordable mealtime appliances.  Their mealtime appliances product line includes the One Step Baby Food Maker,  Baby Brezza Quick Blend, Perfect Measure Formula Powder Dispenser, Temp Control Water Kettle and the new Baby Brezza Prima.  Along with these great appliances Baby Brezza also has a nice selection of accessories to accompany their larger products such as cleaning tools, utensils, cutting boards that fit right over the product for easier pouring and then also a nice selection of storage containers/travel sets for the baby food you will make with the One Step Baby Food Maker.

At Baby Brezza, our goal is to make mealtime for infants and toddlers a breeze with unique, innovative product designs and functions that will enhance the lives of busy moms, dads and caretakers. Whether giving babies their first bites of solid food, or feeding that all important middle-of-the-night bottle, we hope to help parents and caregivers share the joy of mealtime with their children.

Our commitment is to provide convenient, high quality, and safe baby feeding products to you and your family. Our products are BPA and Phthalate free, and if we do our jobs right, stress free too!    – taken from their website

Baby Shower Brunch Success

We had mimosas (well almost everyone !)  yummy food, delicious pastries and cupcakes plus great mommy conversations about diapering, breast feeding and delivery stories.  The highlight for me was giving Lindsay the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker since she was totally shocked when she opened it!  She had mentioned that she looked at the Baby Brezza mealtime line and had wanted to add it to her registry but forgot so she was thrilled to be gifted with the One Step Baby Food Maker. It was such a fun day showering Lindsay and her soon to be arrival and I can’t wait to meet her bundle of joy…anyday now!

Celebrating friends/babies and showering soon to be moms is so much fun!

8 features to love about the One Step Baby Food Maker by Baby Brezza:

  • this one-step process allows you to steam and blend food in one bowl removing the danger and worry of transferring hot food from a
    steamer to a blender (no more burning your hands with sweet potatoes and other hot vegetables)
  • multiple cook time settings such as how long the ingredients are steamed and manual setting for consistency (soft for new eaters or more chunky for older eaters)
  • multi functional machine options that include Steam and Blend Steam only, Blend only, Reheat and Defrost
  • hassle free process with putting in your ingredients, turn on the machine, and walk away!
  • making your own baby food is a much healthier way to give your child the most nutritious meal possible without additives and preservatives
  • cheaper!  you can save 50% or more when making your own baby food (a savings of between $500-$1,300 a year!)
  • easy clean up since bowl and blade are  dishwasher safe
  • affordable!  suggested retail is $119.99 but they are having an online sale (just $99.99) so buy one now!  🙂
    The amazing One Step Baby Food Maker by Baby Brezza
Baby Brezza's other appliances available; Quick Blend, Temp Control Water Kettle and Perfect Measure Powder Dispenser

To Purchase and to learn more:

Please visit the Baby Brezza website to see for yourselves the amazing products they offer for easy mealtime options.  You can also purchase products and accessories in their online shop.  At their website you can watch demos, check out their recommended feeding guide, sign up for their newsletters and get the latest info on their blog!   Baby Brezza products are sold at retailers such as Babies R Us, Target and also on amazon.com.
Baby Brezza is on Facebook and Twitter.
This was not a paid post.  Thank you to Baby Brezza Enterprises and MomSelect for letting me participate in their program and for providing the One Step Baby Food Maker to give as a gift!
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