Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Review – Reduce SIDS Risk with a Baby Sleeping Sack

It is getting colder here in Northeast Ohio.  I like to go to bed knowing that my kids are in their bed safe, comfortable, and sound.  Both of my kids love to be bundled up in blankets during bedtime.  I have a seven year old and an eleven month-old. Both of them would cover themselves up from head to toe with their blankets if you let them.  I am not too worried about the 7 year old as he is capable enough to unwrap himself out of the blanket when he gets too warm.  My concern is with my eleven month-old in his crib with a loose blanket on. Not only we have difficulty keeping the blanket on, I have been reading that loose blankets in babies’ cribs increase the risk factor of suffocation and SIDS in infants.

Now there is Baby Sleeping Sack

What is a baby sleeping sack?  You’ve seen an adult sleeping bag, right?  A baby sleeping sack uses the same concept as an adult sleeping bag.  It is a hybrid between a blanket and a traditional sleeping bag.   The baby sleeping sack helps babies to sleep better, keep them warm, and reduces the suffocation and SIDS risks compared to the regular loose blanket.  It is also a cuddly blanket babies can’t kick off.  It is designed to be worn over baby’s pajamas.

Baby DeeDee Sleeping Sack Packaging

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest is a baby sleeping sack brand that I reviewed for

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest is made with a soft duvet material. It is not scratchy and made out of  a breathable quilted material. Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest is especially designed for babies and comes with a front zipper and easy on and off shoulder snaps.

Baby DeeDee Front Zipper


Baby DeeDee Sleeping Sack – Easy to open glow in the dark front zipper

 Baby DeeDee Video:

Baby DeeDee Sleeping Bags come with two types of products “Sleep Nest” and “Sleep Nest Lite”.

Sleep Nest is a cocoon shape sleeping sack, made with a comfortable quilted material.  It is suitable for room temperature ranging from 67-74°F.  Baby DeeDee Sleeping Sact’s sleeve length can be adjusted accordingly.    There are three sizes available for Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest. Small – $36 Medium – $39 Large – $48.

Sleep Nest Lite is also a cocoon shape sleeping sack, but made with a double-layer soft cotton jersey for warmer months.   It is suitable to be worn in room temperature ranging from 70-80°F.   There are three sizes avaiable for Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Lite. Small – $33 Medium – $35 Large – $38.

Size Details:

  • Size Small is for babies from 0-6 months, 22-26″ length, and 10-18 lbs weight.
  • Size Medium is for babies aged  6-18 months, 25-32″ length, and 16-26 lbs.
  • Size Large is for older babies aged 18-36 months, 31-39″ length, and 25-35 lbs.
Happy Baby in Baby DeeDee Sleeping Bag

Both types of Baby DeeDee Sleeping Sack are machine washable  and available with multiple color selection.

Buy Baby DeeDee Sleeping Sack?

Baby DeeDee Sleeping Sack can be purchased on Baby DeeDee online store or

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Baby DeeDee who provided the products for review.

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