BiteSizers Scissors Cut Food Down To the Perfect Size for Kids

When your child starts eating solids, it can be a huge ordeal just making them a simple meal. After making dinner, all you want to do is sit down and eat with your family. Carefully slicing each piece into perfect bite size pieces for your little one can be tedious and irritating. BiteSizers scissors make this chore fast and simple.

Perfect BiteI received product to facilitate this post. 

BiteSizers are the Perfect Kitchen Tool For Any Meal

I have tested BiteSizers on grape tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, chicken, steak, pasta, broccoli….pretty much EVERYTHING! These scissors are tough enough to slice through meat and sharp enough to cut through the thin skin of grape tomatoes.

My kids love tomatoes of every kind and when they were little cutting them in half to keep them from possibly choking was always messy. Pressing down on the tomato with a knife tends to make all of the juice and seeds burst out, thus taking out some of the best parts of the tomato.

BiteSizers are useful at every meal!
BiteSizers are useful at every meal!

BiteSizers are sharp enough they slice through delicate veggies and fruits and won’t make a mess. I have found myself using them for myself more than for my kids. They make preparing salads, toppings for pizza night, or fruit salad a breeze.

BiteSizers are unique because they have a sizing guide built in to correctly allow you to cut each piece into the recommended size for the age of your child. Simply wash off, and put the cap on, to keep the sharp blades closed while not in use. These mealtime scissors are small enough to through into your purse to take to a restaurant or family event and use on the go.

Purchase BiteSizers online at Mixed Pears or on Amazon.

This is not a paid product. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you Mixed Pears for providing the product for this review. 




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