Boon Inc Frog Pod Review & Baby Food Squirt Feeder Review

picture of Babies love Boon Squirt

My 8 month old has already started his collection of toys, even bathtub toys.  I was so excited to discover Boon Inc’s Frog Pod to store all of his bath toys!

Boon Inc makes a variety of innovative gear designed by parents as solutions to everyday problems.   It is always fun to find an innovative kids product that can make my life simpler.

Boon Inc Frog Pod Hands On Review

The Frog Pod is easily attached to the bathtub by either using the adhesive backing or the bolts provided.   Simply scoop up the toys  from the bath water.

picture of Boon Frog Scoops up Toys
Boon Frog Scoops up Toys

The water all drains from the frog pod, and the toys are able to dry inside while they are waiting for the next bathtime!  Once you scoop up all the toys,  attach the Frog Pod to the rest of its body.

picture of Boon Frog Pod on wall
Boon Frog Pod on wall

The Frog Pod is a  practical and attractive way to store Edward’s bathtub toys.  We love the way the frog pod looks in our bathtub!

Boon Inc Squirt Hands On Review

Boon Inc. makes other innovative products, such as feeding supplies.  The Squirt is a spoon that allows moms to feed  their baby one handed.

picture of The Boon Squirt in action
The Boon Squirt in action

You simply fill the bulb with 3 ounces of baby food, squirt the baby food onto the spoon, then feed the baby.  I was a little suprised how much my son loved eating from the Squirt.  Boon clevely combined the container and spoon into one product to make our lives just a little easier.

You simply twist off the bulb and fill it with the baby food.  Once the baby food is in the bulb, twitst the bulb back on the spoon.  Then you squeeze the bulb of the spoon to fill the bowl of the spoon.  My son loves the Squirt Spoon!

picture of Babies love Boon Squirt
Babies love Boon Squirt

Buy Boon Products:

Boon products are available at the Boon website or at major retail stores, Target, Baby Gap, and Babies R Us. The Frog Pod cost about $34.99 and the Squirt cost

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Boon Inc for the products for review.

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1 thoughts on “Boon Inc Frog Pod Review & Baby Food Squirt Feeder Review

  1. Sara says:

    I have the boon spoon feeder for my son and I used it twice, but didn’t like it. Maybe because my son was just about 7 months old when I tried it, but the actual spoon part seemed too deep for his mouth. Plus, unless the entire food storage part of the spoon was full, I had trouble squeezing food out onto the spoon part. To me, at the time, it just seemed easier to use a regular spoon.

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