3 Ways to Make Eating On the Go Easy on Moms

Music lessons, sports practice and games, appointments, school and more. Life gets a little crazy and hectic, snacks turn into runs through the drive-through. It doesn’t have to be that way. Eating on the go can be easy, these 3 simple tips can help you out and adding The Original Squeeze can take the pressure off!

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1.Plan It Out

Keeping a Calendar or planner with all of your meeting, appointments and lessons can help you plan better. Not a fan of paper and pen? Use an App on your phone. Having a plan makes doing things like making smoothies for breakfast a breeze. I make our morning smoothies and  then I pour them into The Original Squeeze and I know the kids can eat something healthy in the car on the way to school.

Kiernan on the go

2.Pack It

Sometimes we walk out the door with something  like applesauce and forget spoons or it gets spilled and then we are late because of cleaning up a sticky mess. My kids love those applesauce pack things but they aren’t cheap and create a lot of waste. So I give them applesauce or other pureed fruits in The Original Squeeze and I know they are getting a healthy snack without creating waste. Also this way I’m not tempted to go through the drive through! You can always keep The Original Squeeze loaded and ready in the fridge.

Scarlett The Orginal Squeeze

3.Keep Your Bag Clean

A messy bag means you can find things. Or worse have you ever thrown a  food container in your bag only to have it leak? I have, too many times to count. A mess always means we are late or I am stuck dealing with ruined things. I love making homemade baby food and putting it into The Original Squeeze because I know it won’t end up all over my bag or anything else.

The Original Squeeze

What is The Original Squeeze?

The Original Squeeze is an amazing reusable squeeze pouch with a SPILL-PROOF spout. I really love using mine for the kids. Scarlett is just starting on table food so loading up baby food for on the go is stress free and since it’s spill-proof even when she decides the meal or snack is over, I don’t have a giant mess. Kiernan and Kelton always want snacks when we are on the go and I really want them eating as healthy as possible.With The Original Squeeze I have a snack at the ready!

The Original Squeeze Options

With a variety of sizes 20z-8oz, and 4 color options you won’t have to worry about mixing up the kids snacks and can easily control how much they eat. For the older kids or even adults the Eeeze Spout makes it convenient with out the work. They are top rack dish washer safe, so clean up is simple.  Some nipples staining may occur but it’s normal.  Made from certified food-safe materials that are BPA, phthalate and PVC- free, so you know it’s safe. It’s also freezer-safe so you can freeze and grab for later after school and not worry that your food may have turned. To get your own Original Squeeze head over to their website and order to your hearts content. 🙂

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