Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapering Mabu Baby Starter Kit Review

While I love being a mom, I must say that I really don’t like spending money on disposable diapers for my kids.  I cringe thinking about how much we have spent on them in the past 2.5 years for J-Girl.  A recent study suggests that the average cost of diapering your kids for 2 years is $1,600-$3,000!  In the back of my mind I have regretted not being brave enough to enter the cloth diapering world…but now I can say that I took the plunge, for a couple months at least!

Mabu Baby Eco-Friendly cloth diapering system Review:

When I was looking into using cloth diapers for J-Girl I was very overwhelmed with all the choices that were on the market. I needed simple (for hubby and me too!) and I now know that Mabu Baby cloth diapering system can fill that need for my J-Girl and our future babies.  🙂

I was sent The Complete Maxi Starter Kit to review and it comes with 2 diaper outers with 2 snap-in pad holders, 2 washable pads, 2 disposable pads and 5 bio-liners. With J-Girl being 30 lbs we tried the maxi cloth diapers and they fit perfectly.  We have been trying to potty train J-Girl but she is just not ready so we decided that we weren’t going to push the issue until this Summer so the past few weeks has been a nice little break from disposables while using Mabu Baby cloth diapers.

Mabu Baby Eco-Friendly Cloth diapering system with additional Bio-Liners

Mabu Baby eco-diaper system comes in 4 sizes:

  • newborn (4-11 lbs)
  • size 1 mini (6-13 lbs)
  • size 2 midi (9-20 lbs)
  • size 3/4 maxi (15-40 lbs)

Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapering: Easy, convenient, less waste

I love that the Mabu cloth diapers look like a disposable diaper and easily goes on like one but you can choose what type of inner pad you want to use. There are disposable pads (they reminded me of really big maxi pads!) or you can use the easy washable pads which saves money and reduces the amount of waste in our growing landfills.  To make the washing even easier you can use their bio-liners that help remove solids into the toilet easier.

I used the disposable pads when we were outside of the home and then the washable pads for home and bedtime. I found that the outer diaper was very soft, absorbent and less bulky that other cloth diapering systems I have seen.

Cloth Diapering with disposable liners and Bio-Liners
Waterproof, breathable diaper-outer with snap-in holder for pads, micro fiber washable pad shown

7 Things I love about the Mabu Baby Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapering system:

  • versatile system gives you choices, disposable or washable pad?  or add a bio-liner to aid in cleanup of solid waste into toilet
  • comfortable, J-Girl loves wearing her Mabu Baby diapers and I love that they are super soft and yet very absorbent
  • uses high-tech fabric, these easy to wash diapers also dry very quickly (line dry is recommended but I used dryer on tumble for a few minutes)
  • eco-friendly, the 100% Recycled polyester outer diaper cover is made from recycled plastic bottles
  • saves money, no more spending crazy amounts of money on disposables each month
  • affordable, their starter kits are great for new moms who would like to enter the cloth diapering world without breaking the bank  ($24.99 a kit)
  • easy to wash, you can wash complete diaper or unsnap just the pad holder to wash separately, the snap has a fold over closure so that the velcro doesn’t stick to other items in washer/dryer and prolongs the life of the velcro.
    Mabu Baby cloth diaper all ready to be worn with a washable pad inserted

Some things that I would like to see changed would be a snap closure instead of velcro and maybe some color and print fabric options would be fun.  Over all I was very satisfied with Mabu Baby cloth diapering system and think that I will definitely be looking into getting some more for future babies.

J-Girl loves her Mabu Baby cloth diaper, size 3/4 maxi is being worn
To learn more about Mabu Baby Eco-Friendly diapering system please visit their website where you will find more information and featured videos of the product, find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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You can purchase Mabu Baby cloth diapering systems and accessories online at their website, and select Walmart stores.

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