Ending Baby Stains with Dreft

When I first found out I was pregnant with Kelton, my mom was quick to tell me to only use Dreft to clean his new clothing and bedding. I thought it seemed silly at first until she told me how allergic I had been to soaps as a baby. I didn’t want my new baby’s skin to be bothered by soaps when I knew it could be prevented. So I used Dreft back then now 8 years later I will be using it again, but now Dreft is even better!


Dreft Pretreater Pen for Stains

Dreft now has the coolest mom product. A portable pre-treater pen!  I love that I can toss this in my purse right now and when one of the children spills, or Kiernan has an accident I know when I get back home my stains will easily wash out! I even used the pre-treater pen on a white shirt that got spaghetti sauce on it!  It came out with out any work, now I keep it in my purse but soon it will be residing in my diaper bag to treat spit up stains and big kid stains.. maybe an occasional mom stain. 🙂

shirt stain
No more stains!!

Dreft Laundry Stain Remover

I have been going though BOXES of the boys baby clothes and pulling out anything I think we will use for our new little miss. Many of the items were stained from Kiernan’s acid reflux episodes. While the Dreft stain remover didn’t clean out every stain ( This stains have been set in for 2 plus years now.) it greatly diminished even the worst stains!  I am so pleased, I honestly thought that none of them would come out. I did spray with a heavy hand and scrub a little.

Dreft for Babies Where to Buy Dreft Products

You can buy all of the wonderful Dreft products online at on Amazon.com, Diapers.com, Soap.com, in local stores Giant Eagle, Target, RiteAid, Kmart, Walmart, and CVS. Be sure to sign up here for $2.00 off in coupons!



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