From Pumping To Feeding with Kiinde

Now that my little daughter is over one month we are looking to start her on a bottle once in a while so that I can get away for a few hours and not worry and also so daddy and her brothers can have some extra bonding with her. I pumped with both of the boys and I always ran into struggles with pumping into to a bottle and then pouring into a bag only to pour back into bottle to feed. I will never again have to worry thanks to the Kiinde Twist pumping System.

kiind twistI received product to facilitate this post.

Pumping Made Easy

Have you ever spilled a bottle of breast milk trying to heat it or pour it out of a bag? I have… talk about devastation. I bawled once after knocking over an entire bottle that I had just pumped! Unlike many insurance companies mine did not provide me with a pump. I had saved the pump I used after Kiernan was born and I was over joyed to know that the Kiinde Twist would work with my old pump. All I had to do was find the right attachment twist it on and screw in the bag.  Ready to pump no bottle needed!  It was a breeze!  After you fill your bag you simply untwist, squeeze out a little air and cap it. Label it and lay it down to freeze. The Kiinde Twist Starter set comes with a really neat rack that you can put in your freezer to keep your bags of milk out of the way. It’s so easy.

1st bottleFor Nursing, Bottle Feeding and Starting Solids

After freezing you can thaw your milk in a cup of warm water or use Kiinde’s warmer.(Do not microwave these bags.) Then slide it into the bottle form, lining up the and push the nipple on. Now your little one can be fed and gas free. The Kiinde Twist System can be used for more than just pumping moms, if your baby is on formula or even eating already Kiinde Twist might be what you are looking for to make life easier. If your baby is starting solids you can even use the bags to freeze baby food!

Easy To Use

The Kiinde Twist system fits all major brands of breast pumps and bottles. It’s so easy to use and a time saver in our household.  I want you to see how it works so check out my youtube video for a better idea of exactly how the Kiinde Twist works!

Where To Buy Kiinde

Kiinde Products are availble online on the Kiinde Website at BuyBuyBaby , BabiesRus and Target.

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