Feeling Secure with Levana’s Ovia Video Monitor

When my Ovia monitor arrived in the mail I was thrilled to set it up. I am a mom who likes to see her kids. I hate opening doors to check on them at night. The video monitors we have had in the past were fine but “this one is the Porsche of video monitors” to quote Doug. The Ovia by Levana has a HUGE screen and gets signal inside and outside my house!

Ovia Video MonitorI received product to facilitate this post.

Many Video Settings

The Ovia offers a 4.3in monitor screen and touch panel controls ( you barely graze your finger over them.) The camera itself can pan/tilt/zoom to see the entire room! No hiding from this mommy! I can look around the room with 270* and up and down with 110* tilt. I can zoom in on my sleeping baby in 1x or 2x zoom and see him breathing. This is very important to me since he has had sleep apnea his whole life. I can see him clearly at night too. (Even without a nightlight in his room.)

The Audio Options are Amazing!

In addition to all the normal audio options ( hearing your child.) The Ovia offers two-way communication! So now in the middle of the night when my son is fussing in his sleep I can hold my finger on the microphone button and talk or sing to him to keep him sleeping. When I let got of the button I can hear what he has to say. For example when He wakes up from his nap but I am downstairs doing dishes, I can use the two way to tell him what I am doing and that I will be there in a moment.

It also offers a peep mode (silent) to save battery but I am finding that I only have to plug it in at night when I am finally in bed. Even then I have yet to drain the battery.

home screen

Lullabies to Play

Kiernan doesn’t like to sleep in silence. From the day he was born if it was quite he was awake. With the Ovia I can set one of 3 lullabies to play for him from the handheld unit. No going in the room and waking him up more. It also gives him an expectation when he hears it while getting ready for bed.

Recording Your Child

Have you ever had a moment where daddy is rocking the baby and telling him a story or playing with him and you thought to yourself , I wish I could record this moment. With Ovia you can! You can record video on the included micro SD card and you can also takes photos! I love taking photos of all the funny ways my little guy lays while asleep! The Ovia can handle up to 4 cameras! You have the option to do a split screen or pick and individual feed. This would make it great for playrooms, or to have one camera in each child’s bedroom.

Here is a video of the Ovia in action as I checked out all the features!

You can buy the Ovia here. If you are looking for something a little different Levana has many great options!

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