New Infantino Baby Carrier – Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Review

picture of Baby Wearing Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap

Baby wearing is popular in many cultures. Moms don’t have the luxury to sit on the couch all day holding their babies, baby wearing allows you to comfort and be close to your baby even while tidying up the house, shopping at the mall, or taking a walk at the park. Finding a good baby carrier wrap can be a challenge. There is a new Infantino baby carrier that new moms are going to love, it is the Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap.

My Experience with Baby Carriers

I enjoyed baby wearing when my kids were younger, it allowed me the freedom to get chores done around the house while still being close to my baby. I have used a babysling, baby carrier, and a baby backpack carrier. Each provided baby wearing opportunities at various ages of my baby. What I didn’t like was that once my baby and I got use to using the babysling, my baby would outgrow it. Then, we had to get use to the baby carrier, then they outgrew that, then we went to the baby backpack carrier.  It was frustrating getting use to another product, not to mention expensive!

Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Review

What I like about the Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap first of all is the versatility. This Infantino baby carrier can be positioned with an infant hold, on hip, or on the mom’s back. The Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap is essentially 4 baby carriers wrapped up into one!

picture of Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap offers 4 carrying positions
Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap offers 4 carrying positions

This wrap is well designed for both the mom and for baby for safety and comfort. It adjusts to any body type as well as for babies from 8 to 36lbs.

picture of Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap
Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap

My good friend, Veronica was nice enough to test out the Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap with her 11 month old baby. At 23lbs, Veronica’s baby was comfty and secure in the front position of this baby wrap. Mommy liked the fit and comfort too. The wide pieces of material give moms the support they need while safely supporting baby at the same time.

When my kids got bigger, I used a baby backpack carrier. Although I liked the option of baby wearing on my back for hikes, days at the zoo, etc, my baby backpack carrier was very large. When I wasn’t actually using the baby backpack carrier, I had to lug it all around. What I really like about the Infantino baby wrap is that I can use it like a baby backpack carrier and when baby wants down, I can easily place the baby wrap in a diaper bag.

Veronica tested out the Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap with the back mode. Her baby was so comfortable.

Once you watch the Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap instruction video, it is a cinch to figure out how to use the product. I recommend watching the video alongside the instructions if you choose to buy this product. It will make using this product super easy. It is important to properly use any baby carrier for highest safety.

Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Instruction Video

A staggering 85% of car seats are incorrectly installed. I’m sure that the # of moms wearing baby carriers and babyslings that are using them incorrectly is just as bad. With any baby wearing device, please be sure to actually read and understand the instructions. It only takes a few minutes but means everything when it comes to the safety of your baby AND your comfort.

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Buy Infantinio Sync Comfort Wrap

You can buy the buy Infantinio Sync Comfort Wrap on for about $35.

I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.

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