Noodle and Boo Luxury Baby Products for Eczema and Healthy Skin

Don’t you just love the smell of babies?  When they are newborns it’s like the baby smell is almost always there. Kiernan is now 2 years old and doesn’t have the sweet baby smell. After using Noodle and Boo Body wash and Lotion he smells sweet like a baby! He has eczema and often complains of itching so having a wash and lotion that soothe is wonderful.

Natural and Gentle

I received product to facilitate this post.

Is Noodle and Boo good for you?

Noodle and Boo’s products are hypoallergenic and contain natural ingredients. They are paraben, phthalate, sulfate free products.  All the products are also DYE free.  The bottles  are all recyclable! The scent is so light and sweet.  I am using both the body wash and super soft lotion on Kiernan and I love the results.

Soothing body wash and super soft lotion

Soothing Body Wash calms eczema

Noodle and Boo’s Soothing Body Wash is a smooth gel formula made to help rebalance your child’s skin pH and hydrate with added vitamins.  The Soothing Body Wash is gentle enough to be used on your newborn or any child with sensitive skin.  Kiernan loved rubbing the wash into his skin and didn’t complain that it made him itchy or fuss when it was on a spot where he had an eczema outbreak. It rinsed off easily too.

Super Soft Lotion soothes eczema

Super soft is not lie here! This lotion is so soft and luxurious.  It is nice and light but rich but doesn’t leave your skin feeling slimy or greasy. It soothed the redness of Kiernan’s eczema right away. He was happy to calmly lay down while I rubbed the lotion in. It absorbs very well and he enjoyed rubbing it into his hands. I have been using the super soft lotion on my hands as well, and they don’t feel dry and itchy from the cold weather anymore.

This lotion is amazing!
This lotion is amazing!

Noodle and Boo has many other products that I am sure you will love. If you are headed to a baby shower soon, including some Noodle and Boo will make any expecting mom happy, or add some to your little ones Easter basket  for a useful non candy gift! Check out all their products here!


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