Protect your Hands with Stroller Handlebar Wraps – CityGrips Review

If you are a mom of little ones then you know just how important your stroller is!  If you are out of the stroller stage then I am sure when you see us stroller moms you think back to how that stroller was like another appendage for those precious but busy years!  Expecting my second baby here pretty soon I have upgraded to a double stroller (yikes!) and since I purchased a second hand stroller I was researching into the latest accessories for strollers and quickly came across CityGrips.  They are so cool that I wanted to share them with you AOM readers!

Once you use CityGrips you’ll never want to stroll without them, we promise!
CityGrips available in Single handlebar and Double handlebar grips


CityGrips was born purely out of necessity for fellow mom and founder Camie Gontier . The idea for CityGrips began one hot summer day when it became unbearable to push the stroller barehanded and Camie was completely grossed out by the sticky germ infested handle bar.  Immediately a grip cover that was soft, durable, washable and stylish came to her mind to create for not only herself but for other mom’s who were looking for a similar product. CityGrips is the perfect stroller accessory and can also be used in other areas of the home! CityGrips comes in 2 styles; double bar handlebar and single bar handlebar.

picture of Stroller Handlebar Wraps
Stroller Handlebar Wraps
picture of CityGrips Stroller Handlebar Wraps
CityGrips Stroller Handlebar Wraps

Why use CityGrips?

CityGrips are so simple but I feel so important for today’s mom.  With the cold and flu season coming up I REALLY think that CityGrips is a wise investment for not only our children’s health but for us as mom’s too.  Feeling “under the weather” as a mom is one of the biggest challenges for me…trying to take care of my family and trying to heal my body at the same time is such a difficult task and after using CityGrips for the past few weeks I think that we might just have a healthy NorthEast Ohio Winter after all! CityGrips keep your hands clean and comfortable, protects your grips from wear and tear, and adds a stylish accent to your stroller.

CityGrips Double Bar Handlebar set, ZigZag Color
CityGrips Single Bar Handlebar Set, Black Plush Terrycloth

Check out the reasons below why CityGrips would be a great item for every home!

CityGrips Features:

  • soft, stylish and comfortable fabric used (helps set apart your stroller from everyone else’s)
  • easy to attach to ANY stroller handlebar/s with durable velcro
  • durable-will hold up with even daily washing
  • protects grips from wear and tear of everyday use
  • CityGrips also have a terrycloth toweling option great for absorbing sweat for more active moms/runners!
  • machine wash and dry
  • helps hands avoid sweat, grime and germs that ALL stroller handlebars will have
  • literally takes a few seconds to attach/detach CityGrips as they slip right onto/off handlebars
  • comes with 2 grip covers
  • CityGrips cost just $12.95 per pair
Aren’t these cool!  Moms have also found other ways to use their CityGrip covers too!  You can easily use them for the grocery cart, wheelchairs, car seat strap covers and exercise equipment!  They really are an amazing versatile product!  Once you use CityGrips you’ll never want to stroll without them, we promise!  These would make a perfect stocking stuffer for a new mom or dad too!!

To learn more and purchase CityGrips:

Pleas visit the CityGrip website to learn more about their products and to purchase a set or two of CityGrips for your home! You can also friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter.

To WIN a pair of CityGrips:

The kind folks at CityGrips have generously offered one AOM reader a chance to win one set of CityGrips of their choice (double bar handlebar or single bar handlebar).  Good Luck!
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