Quick Relief to Turn Fussy Babies into Happy Babies

We all know the phrase, “When Mama’s happy, everyone is happy” but as parents of babies, we all know that the truth is:

“When baby is happy, everyone is happy!”

little remedies babyIf your baby is fussy and crying, nobody is happy until she stops crying.  Oftentimes the culprit is gas, colic, or hiccups which can be easily treated with the natural Little Remedies Gas Drops or Gripe Water. I’ve used both products with my kids when they were babies and was always dumbfounded at how a simple drop or two would take my screaming, fussy baby and turn them into happy and calm babies again.

This is a sponsored conversation for Little Remedies.

Little Remedies worked for both my kids because they worked without added ingredients.  I like the Little Remedies  motto:

Little Remedies® Everything they need. Nothing they don’t.®

They use the least amount of ingredients necessary to help little tummies – and they use the most natural ingredients. Less is more! They don’t add artificial flavors, color, or alcohol that our babies don’t need.

I used the Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops when my kids were infants and wee-little babies. It works great to relieve gas that occurs when baby swallows air while feeding or from the food itself – maybe mama ate too many onions while breastfeeding?!


My babies didn’t mind the taste to give directly, but you can also add the drops to water, formula or other liquids.

Little Remedies also has Gripe Water for upset stomachs.  This is especially helpful if your baby is upset from hiccups or colic.  My son especially had a troublesome tummy.  Even as a young child in elementary school, I have used Little Remedies Gripe Water for occasional upset tummy aches and it worked!


If you have a fussy baby, do yourself and your baby a favor and check out the Little Remedies Gas Drops and Gripe Water. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they help calm your baby – I swear it is like magic how these products deliver fast acting relief.

Find out more tips on symptoms and how to help your baby that suffers from gas, colic, and hiccups naturally on the Little Remedies website. If the problem persists, be sure to contact your pediatrician.

You can find Little Remedies products at retailers nationwide and on Amazon.com.

Be sure to download a Little Remedies Coupon from the Little Remedies website and stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.

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