Summer Infant SuperSeat for a Super Baby – Review

Summer Infant Super Seat

It is so much fun to watch how quickly a baby grows.  It is so much fun to buy different baby gears and toys for him/her to play with.  What is not so fun is to watch how quickly the baby outgrows a toy or a gear.  Buying a gear or toy that can only be used for a few months of the baby’s life could punch a little hole in the pocket.

I have been more selective when taking home any new toys for our youngest.  Practicality is more important than the aww’s and the ooh’s.

Summer Infant SuperSeat Review

SuperSeat works better for us. I had always wanted to get my baby a seat.  I know some people who purchased a Bumbo seat, but Bumbo didn’t work for us.  My baby’s (chubby) legs got stuck and it was hard to get him out of it.  SuperSeat on the other hand has a roomier seat and unlike Bumbo, SuperSeat has a safety strap and a foamie soft seat insert, which can be taken out as the baby grows if you wish. Baby Introducing Summer Infant SuperSeat


SuperSeat is a 3-in-1 product

Stage 1:  Baby’s Support Seat. 

It works for babies whether they are new learners or experts at sitting up.  My baby loves it that with SuperSeat, he is able to sit up like his older brother.

As shown in the picture below,  the three-point safety restraints is another plus that Bumbo does not have.  Safety is very important.

Comfortable Seat with Soft Foam Insert and 3-point Safety Restrain

Stage 2:   SuperSeat offers degrees of floor time. 

It has 360-degree rotating tray with 5 fun toys and removable snack tray.  The tray is very easy to remove.  It is a one-handed removable tray.  It is very practical, which I love.   My baby loves the playful toys as well.   He keeps himself entertained long enough on the floor (no worries about him falling down) while I help with homework with my older child.

My baby’s favorite SuperSeat toy is the spinning toys. Baby Loves SuperSeat Floortime Activity Toys

 Stage 3:  SuperSeat can be converted into a booster chair.

Bumbo can only be used on non-elevated surfaces, but SuperSeat can be used as a booster chair once the baby is ready to sit up at the table.  SuperSeat comes with two chair straps that can be attached to a dining chair.    As I mentioned earlier, the orange soft foamie insert can be taken out as the baby grows.  That gives you a few more months of usage or until the baby outgrows the seat totally.

My baby may look small in the booster chair.   The picture below was taken for this article’s purposes.  While taking the picture, I was surprised he didn’t mind sitting in it at all.  He learned forward a lot in this seat, but sat and had his dinner in it a couple of times already.

SuperSeat can be used as a Booster Chair. Please pardon my child's wild bang.

 These features all come in the box (baby not included) for the same price (or cheaper if you catch it on sale) as a Bumbo seat alone. Bumbo trays and attachments are extra $.  Also, since the colors of SuperSeat are gender-neutral, you don’t have to worry about buying a second one if a baby of the opposite gender joins your family later on.

Buy Summer Infant SuperSeat

You can buy the Summer Infant SuperSeat at Walmart, Target, Meijer, Babies ‘R Us, and Toys ‘R Us.  You can also buy them online through Summer Infant online store and

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