Wee-n-See Makes Potty Training Picture Perfect

We tried the sticker charts and sugary bribes. My daughters eventually were fully potty trained, but I would not say I have a proven “method” for getting a toddler from diapers to undies in a timely manner. I struggled with getting my girls interested in the potty and keeping that enthusiasm going long enough for them to become completely accident free.

My son is turning 2 soon and showing quite a bit of excitement toward the toilet. I was hesitant to start the long process of potty training until Wee-n-See arrived. I recently was given samples of Wee-n-See so I could review the new product for Akron Ohio Moms. I had never seen anything like this toilet training system. My son quickly became fascinated with Wee-n-See, especially how it works.

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Introducing Wee-n-See Potty Training

A Wee-n-See potty training pack contains 10 blue, biodegradable and flushable, small squares to use while toilet training a little boy or girl.

wee see

wee and see 4

First, place the square – blue side up – in to the toilet bowl when you think your child is ready to “go.”

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Next, celebrate your child’s successful time on the potty by checking out the Wee-n-See square when he or she is finished. A small piece of artwork appears on the square upon contact with urine. A child does not have to “hit” the target for the picture to appear. Our first experiment with Wee-n-See revealed a friendly fishy!


Once your child gets a glimpse of what he or she accomplished, it is time to flush the Wee-n-See and prepare for his or her next time on the toilet.


There are a number of different photos that could appear on the Wee-n-See to hold a child’s interest. Each pack comes complete with 10 different designs, including a ladybug, bumble bee, truck, train and turtle.

wee and see designs

Wee-n-See Potty Training a Fit for Preschool-aged Children

The Wee-n-See squares can be used in the toilet or in a training potty. My son is not quite ready for the potty, but when he is, I fully intend on using Wee-n-See. I believe the product provides the motivation needed for a child to continue with toilet training. I let my preschool-aged daughters try out Wee-n-See and they were even thrilled with the concept. Thankfully my girls did not struggle, but there are a number of youngsters who do have a hard time starting preschool because they are not fully potty trained. This product would be perfect for that strong-willed 3-year-old who does not want to stop wearing a diaper. I am confident my little guy will thoroughly delight in trying the Wee-n-See squares again and again.


Buy Wee-n-See to Potty Train Your Toddler

You can purchase a pack of 10 aid squares, in 10 different designs, for $7 to $7.95, plus shipping, at www.wee-n-see.com or www.amazon.com.

his was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Wee-n-See who provided products for review.


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