Beautiful Personalized Bracelets

Jewelry is so personal. It is such an expression of your personality and style.

Since most days I am hanging out with my toddler, I keep my jewelry and clothing pretty simple. My daily jewelry usually looks like a simple pair of ear rings and maybe a necklace.

However, I do like to dress it up a bit when I am headed to a work event or date night with my husband. Adding a bracelet (or two) is a fun way to do that!

Personalized Bracelets

I love when there is meaning behind the jewelry I am wearing. I remember very clearly receiving a necklace from my husband on our first anniversary and love wearing it because it reminds me of that!

Since I enjoy having jewelry that has meaning, I am in love with these personalized bracelets from Bling Chicks!

They are gorgeous and can quickly help me dress up any outfit. They also hold special meaning since they have my family’s name on them!

This is a sponsored post.

One bracelet has my husband and daughter’s initials. It’s simple, delicate, and beautiful.

The other bracelet has 3 charms – one for each of our names. It also has a charm that reads “I love you to the moon and back.”

I really like that these bracelets can be worn together or separate – depending on the look that I am going for. They are beautiful, simple, and neutral which make them perfect for any outfit!

The Perfect Gift

Bling Chicks offers more that just bracelets… they also offer necklaces, ornaments, key chains, and more. Any of their products would be a perfect gift for a special friend or loved one! They do such a great job making the packaging beautiful that you wouldn’t even need to wrap it. packaging

Check out Bling Chick’s website to see all of the beautiful jewelry they offer! Looking for personalized jewelry or want something that you don’t see on the site?… message them and ask!

My daughter loves looking at my jewelry. That is another reason that I really like jewelry that has a special meaning to it… because it is so fun to tell her about it when she asks!
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