A 5-Minute Guidebook for Multiplication and Division

Mulitplication and Division can produce sweaty palms for any child who just doesn’t get it.  It involves multidimensional thinking, memorization, and algebra, depending on the problem.  If your child has problems with any of these three, the doom of 9pm crying and homework torture may be the horrible, horrible norm in your house!

Ms. Maureen has seen this problem countless times, and, simply, she has come up with a straight forward, little- memorization solution for multiplying and dividing.  It’s called Sticks and Steps.


I went through the book myself and looked at it from the point of view of a parent helping a child, and why it is different from the methods we learned as children.


This step by step book provides the masterable concept which includes touching and counting sticks and steps- vertical and horizontal lines, and the successive addition or subtraction of what those sticks and steps represent.


Simply, I get it, and get why it would be easier to handle for a 8 to 11 year old.


There is plenty of repetition involved that will reinforce the method, and lead to memorization of the concept, and then also to multiplication tables.


Maureen surely has seen this time and again, and has put thought into making it work for kids from this point forward.


The language is written for a guide, a leader, a tutor, parent, or a teacher to walk through the steps and say the right things to the student.

This book is NOT for a student to be given and told ‘ good luck’.  It requires an adult!! We need to be working with our children on their homework anyway, right?


The numbers get big, but the system stays organized and simple on paper, – which I think is darling!


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to KSB Promotions who provided the products for review.

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