Keep Your Camera Secure and Ready to Take Photos at All Times

Cotton Carrier StrapShot Holster

How many times have you missed the best shot because your camera was in your bag? Or do you always have your camera on the ready in your hand, always cautious that you don’t drop it? I always have to decide on whether to enjoy myself with my camera packed away and miss amazing photo opportunities or be a slave to my camera and hold it the entire time.

I’ve recently discovered an amazing camera holster made with professional grade materials that keeps my camera at the ready while secure on my body. Cotton Carrier StrapShot Holster

I received product to facilitate this post.

The Cotton Carrier StrapShot Holster keeps my camera secure on my body no matter where life’s adventures take me. This holster is secured to my camera and on my body via my backpack, belt, or sling bag.

I can hike, explore, vacation, bike, climb, or whatever I wish and have my camera ready for the perfect photo opportunity without being slowed down by holding my camera. My camera is secured to the StrapShot Holster with the Cotton carrier Velcro-Wrap attachment system and their anodized aluminum camera mount – it’s not going anywhere!

Cotton Carrier StrapShot Holster

For added security, the holster comes with a camera safety tether, so even if you fumble, the camera is not falling far from your body!

Cotton Carrier StrapShot Holster
I love that this holster keeps my camera ready to be used at any time without digging into my bag to grab my camera or holding it the entire time. I get so tired of holding my camera, this holster allows me to relax and enjoy life’s adventures more. I can walk around all day with my camera without the annoyance of my camera strapped around my neck or in my hands all day – no more camera bouncing against my chest as I walk! Plus, while traveling, I don’t have to worry about a thief stealing my camera out of my hands or bag because it is secured to my body.

Cotton Carrier StrapShot Holster
If you love taking photographs and want an easier and more secure way to travel with your camera, check out Cotton Carrier. This holster works perfect for my needs however, they have an entire line of products to meet every need from the novice photographer to the professional. You can purchase Cotton Carrier products at retailers nationwide, on the Cotton Carrier website, and on

For GoPro users, the CCS GoPro Bracket is an amazing and secure way to carry your GoPro camera to shoot in any direction, on any terrain.

gopro holster

Cotton Carrier products come with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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