Fetch Eyewear for a Fetching Mom

Do you think a Mom in your life is fetching. As a Mom I often feel like I am fetching… fetching shoes, clean laundry or groceries. I know I will always be fetching something for my kiddos, but can’t I look FETCHING while doing it? With Fetch Eyewear I can! I can also do something even better.Margot FramesI receive product to facilitate this post.

Not Your Typical Eyewear Company

Fetch Eyewear  has 2 main goals.

  1. The first is to provide stylish  and affordable eyewear (prescription, reading and sunglasses.).
  2. The second goal is to provide financial assistance to animal rescue via the Pixie Project.

Fetch Eyewear donates 100% of their profits to the Pixie Project. How amazing is that? Fetch Eyewear and the Pixie Project are located in the place I consider my hometown, Portland, Oregon.

Lifetime Warranty on Frames

Did your dog chew your glasses again? Did you leave them on the hood of your car and accidentally run them over? Did you somehow manage to break the arm off? Send them back to Fetch and they will replace the frames (lenses are not included but can also be replaced). Warning: Depending on the damage your frames may  be inducted into “Broken frame hall of fame”. 🙂 The only Cost to you for replacement frames is $8.50 to cover shipping cost.Enjoying the sunshine

Find Your Fit

You can use Fetch Eyewear’s Find your fit to figure out what frames will look best. You can choose skin tone, hair and eye color, face shape and standard frame sizing. The find your fit will help guide you if you aren’t sure what would look best.

Sun Protection and More

My pair of Fetch sunglasses are Margot frames in hickory tortoise color. With 100% UVA/UVB protection I know my eyes are protected. The lenses are also anti-reflective and have a scratch resistant coating. The Standard sunglasses and reading sunglasses are $85.00. The Prescription sunglasses are $125.00 and can have High index lenses for an addition $40.00. The last pair of eye glasses I bought in the eye doctors office cost me over $200.00,  after my insurance.  So for me this is a great affordable option.

The frames are all made from plant based cellulose acetate. So no animals were harmed in the process of making your adorable frames.

Here's looking at you kid!
Here’s looking at you kid!

Special Savings

So if you are on the hunt for some beautiful frames for Mom’s glasses or Maybe some fancy, classy sunglasses like mine. Check Out Fetch Eyewear and give a gift to Mom and help save an animal! Mom will be proud, I promise. (Because she will look amazing and you will  have done something good for the world.)

Fetch Margot sunglassesFetch Eyewear Coupon Code

For you our wonderful readers Fetch is giving you a special discount. Use Coupon Code AKRONOHIOMOMS During checkout to save 15% off your purchase!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Fetch Eyewear who provided sunglasses  for review.

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