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I take my kids to the library regularly, we always come home with a overflowing bag of books and movies. So, you would think that I could pick up a book for myself now and then, right? Wrong! With two kids under the age of 5, I’m lucky to get out of there with books even the kids will like. Their attention span for picking out books is quite low, they’d rather play with the other kids with the doll house, puppets, and shopping carts.

So, for me to pick out a book, it’s absolute torture for them to walk up and down the boring aisles. I’m lucky if I can just quickly grab several books off the shelf to review when I get home.  If you are a mom with young kids, you know my pain, I’m sure.

That being said, I found a couple great websites where you can read free online books or even download them! My favorite part of online books is that it is sort of like your very own book club, you can comment on the various parts of the book and see what other people have to say about it too.

Bartleby Free Online Books

Bartleby is a super place to read free online books and download them. I goto Bartleby when I feel intellectual, most books are classics and essays. There are some really good reads. Let’s face it, sometimes we need to shake our mommy brains and get enlightened a bit.  If you don’t want to be confined with being online while you read, you can download Bartleby books in these formats:

Microsoft E-book Reader (download): Windows

Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader (download): Windows, Macintosh

AportisDoc Mobile Edition (download): handheld devices

Public Bookshelf Free Online Books

Public Bookshelf is the place for hot romance novels. They have more than 400 free online books to choose from. Click below for the various kinds of romance novels.

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