“Bear” Your Heart This Valentine’s Day!

Is it hard for you to express your emotions? According to a new national survey conducted by Harris Poll Indicates you aren’t alone!  Did you know that a large percentage of people admitted to having struggles sharing their heart felt emotions.. 37% …That number is so much closer to half then I would like it to be! I am very affectionate, but I know I often don’t feel like others are the same. Snuggle wants to help all of us show a little more love and BEAR our hearts this Valentine’s day.


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Show it with Emoji-tion!

Did you know 4 in 5 people would appreciate deep heart-felt emotions shown to them on Valentine’s Day? That is 80%! I know guys I dated in the past would say it’s just a holiday made up for getting us to spend more money at retailers. Valentine’s day isn’t about the gifts, don’t get confused we do love the gifts, but it’s so much deeper than that. We want to know how much you really love us. Gifts can be bought, but love must be given. In this same survey  50% of people said writing was an easier way to express themselves. Sometimes our words can speak volumes! With Snuggle’s help we share our love in a cute, modern way. LOVEmojis!


BEAR Your Heart Out

Using the Snuggle LOVEmojis is so easy. Download it here for android and here for apple. I have an Iphone so I just went into my keyboard settings and added the Snuggle LOVEmoji keyboard and started sharing love.  I sent a wink, and showered some confetti around! And that was just to start! Doug might think I am LOVEmoji crazy ! Now our laundry can be snuggle soft and so can our hearts!


More than Emojis

I was thinking about it and maybe if we start showing our children how to express their feeling then maybe it will start to be a more natural process for all of us. So I quickly printed these adorable snuggle bear coloring cards for my boys to share with people they love. I grabbed some card stock and printed them each a set so they could have their own set. I look how cute they these are! But anyone adult or child can enjoy these! They also have really cute Love Note GIFs you can send from their website!


Are You in New York? Or at Your Computer?

New Yorkers are invited to visit the Snuggle Bear Den on February 11 at the Flatiron Plaza by Madison Square Park.  Snuggle will warm up The Big Apple with a full day of #BearYourHeart activities. Snuggle Bear will be on hand to meet and take pictures with guests and encourage them to bear their hearts. Guests can write a Love Note to someone special, take a picture, and watch it become part of a beautiful mosaic with thousands of other Love Notes which will be displayed on a massive digital screen. Guests can receive a plush Snuggle Bear of their own ( I am so Jealous as I have always wanted a Snuggle Bear of my own!) and get a chance to win the ultimate Valentine’s experience package. Everyone can follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or go to www.snugglebearyourheart.com to join in the fun if you are not in New York.

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