Get your Husband’s Geek Cred on with a Binary LED Watch

Binary Watch Tells Time

Geek Spoiler Alert! What you will see and read below will seriously put your husband’s (or maybe yourself?) geek credentials on HIGH. Available at, the LED Binary Watch gives the wearer an object that screams geekdom- and MAY just entice a few people to ask why your watch only has 10 LEDs without any numbers!

Binary Watch Off
Binary Watch from ThinkGeek with Lights Off

Binary LED Watch Craftmanship

No, this is not a gimic- it’s a fine, well made time piece.  Working off of mineral crystal, this watch is made of high grade stainless steel and is water resistant (for all those geeked out diving trips) up to 100 feet and comes with a genuine leather strap.  It’s a solid, heavy watch with large flat surfaces – eliminating ornate detail that some might find ‘over the top’.

Binary Watch from ThinkGeek with Lights On
Binary Watch from ThinkGeek with Lights On

How does a Binary LED Watch work?

The watch has two rows of LEDs- the top one for the hours, and the bottom row for minutes.  The LEDs in each row each count for a different number of hours, or, minutes.  From LEFT to RGHT, the LEDs are labeled on the watch face with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 (only 1,2,4 and 8 for the hours).

Figure out the hour -Using the top row of LEDs, you simply ADD up which numbered LEDs are lit- in the below example, you add 8 and 1 and get 9.

Figure out the minute -Using the bottom row of LEDs, you add those up to- 32 and 16 totals 48.

Binary Watch Tells Time
Binary Watch Tells Time, if you're a geek


No, its not to be more complicated then it needs to be just for fun, but it is based on how computers add up numbers in binary language (hence Binary LED Watch).  Supposedly any rudimentary computer class would have you learn this – at least one taught in the 90s….

Would you buy a Binary LED Watch From

Reason why you could/should buy from

  • Conversational piece in the office
  • Provides an air of geek cred for any technical job where the pecking order is based on technical ability
  • It’s a toy that can be opened on Christmas Morning- but doesn’t feel childish
  • It LIGHTS UP and helps you see at night (don’t laugh, its true and works!)
  • Your husband can feel smart when he explains to you how it works

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to who provided the products for review.

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