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Being that many of us stare at a computer screen day in and day out, it seems right to explore ways to be more comfortable in doing so.  Ergonomic chairs, ergonomic keyboards, little rolly things for your feet are all well and good- but, why not take care of the busiest part of your body!?

My husband was suffering from what turned out to be sinus problems, allergies, and a new found astigmatism that were all affecting his eye sight.  His eyes were tired, and computer work did not help!  Besides fixing the issues, we decided to try out a pair of Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear available at ThinkGeek.

These glasses have been great for a number of reasons, which I will now read directly from the Think Geek website, but add my Akron Accent:

  • Made to reduce eye strain by filtering out hard to focus blue light
  • Made to reduce eye strain by giving you a small diopter rating, that allows for awesome near vision.
  • Several styles available online- the likes of which I didn’t know they carried when I reviewed the printed catalog.
  • Super tough polymer material for clarity and durability
  • AntiGlare coating- Yeay!
  • Super light weight

During the tough time with the allergies and all, these glasses did a really great job at lightening the load of eye strain.

We’ve had these about 2 months now, and you know what?  If we’re both working into the evening- he’ll grab them and put them on to ease the burden of eye strain after a long day.  Apparently, they are keepers!

And Now, for the Geek Style Section of this Post

Looking Smarter


My husband doesn't need to look smarter..but he tries
Funny thing is this is just a button down work shirt- I feel like a genius!

Buy Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear

You can buy Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear  on for $79.99 – 99.99.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to who provided the product for review.

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