Planting Seeds of Change: Akron’s Ambitious 100,000 Trees Initiative

Akron 100,000 Trees Initiative

This morning, as I was scrolling through Instagram, something truly inspiring caught my eye—an announcement from Keep Akron Beautiful about their “Planting Change: 100,000 Trees for Akron” initiative. With a remarkable goal to plant 100,000 trees by 2034, this project is set to revitalize Akron’s declining tree canopy and foster a healthier, greener environment for future generations.

Why Akron’s Tree Planting Effort Matters to Every Family

The decline in tree coverage in Akron—from 40% to 34% in the past decade—is a pressing issue that I had no idea about until now and I bet you didn’t either. As many of us know, trees are crucial for cleaning the air, enhancing property values, reducing crime, and preventing soil erosion. For us as parents, this 100,000 trees initiative represents a golden opportunity to teach our children about environmental responsibility and the importance of community involvement.

Family Fun and Learning at Hardesty Park

The launch event at Hardesty Park wasn’t just informative—it was a call to action for everyone in the community. The event provided a hands-on experience for families, making it a perfect way for children to learn about the benefits of trees and participate in meaningful community service. Graf Growers even provided each attendee with 2 coupons to their garden shop as a thank you and way to continue making Akron green!

 Akron 100,000 Trees Initiative

As moms, we must teach out kids about environmental stewardship and how working together can pay off. The “Planting Change” initiative is a perfect example of how local actions can have a significant impact on our community’s future.  Keep Akron Beautiful is always organizing family-friendly events and ways to volunteer. These events are not only educational but also a lot of fun, offering a great way to spend quality time with your family while contributing to our city’s sustainability. For more information on how you can participate and make a difference in Akron’s landscape, visit Keep Akron Beautiful: Planting Change.

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