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A resale store shopper and fan myself, I wanted to know if Akron Ohio Moms followers were like me.  Did they see value in shopping resale, and did they have a local favorite?  One evening, I posted those questions on our Facebook page.  The response was pretty amazing.  Ladies weighed in on their favorites, and gave specifics about why they chose to shop at those stores.  Once Upon a Child in Stow received the most comments – and all of them were positive.  Customers sang their praises about their selection of great name brands, and for their regular coupons – a feature that not all resale stores have.  Because of all this great customer feedback, we at AOM were happy to suggest that Channel 5 News film a Back to School on a Budget piece we worked on with them at Once Upon A Child. 🙂 In preparation for that piece and for my review, my girls and I headed over to Once Upon A Child to do some shopping.

I was excited to give Once Upon A Child in Stow a try, and see if they could outfit my girls, ages 4 and 9, in cute, up-to-the-minute fashions for school.  Our challenge to them was to show us what we could get for just $30.00 per girl.

Our Experience at Once Upon a Child in Stow, OH

Walking into Once Upon a Child, we were greeted by pleasant, outgoing staff, including store owner, Annie Weddle.  Annie shared with me that she’s been in business for about 15 years now – and some of her staff have been with her for almost all of those years.  That alone tells me she’s doing something right, even before I get a good look at the store!  The store itself was brimming with finds!  Looking around, one could see baby equipment like bouncy seats and exersaucers, cribs, nice looking strollers, and of course, CLOTHES!  The clothing was well organized, and it was easy to find sections for boys and girls of all sizes.

[slickr-flickr tag=onceuponachild]

I have to tell you, with both of my girls, the challenge was narrowing down our finds to fit into our $30 parameter.  My girls found tons of outfits they loved at Once Upon A Child.  And, they were all name brand.  At 4 years of age, Lila is pretty easy going – she’ll wear anything twirly and girly.  Alyssa, on the other hand, now shops both styles and brands.  She was on the hunt for Justice, Gap and Aeropostale, and she found them!


Photos and Price Details on Our Finds:

photo of clothing from Once upon a child
(L) Lila's outfit: $9.50 (R) Alyssa's outfit: $8.00 - That's before my 15% off coupon!

The photo above features Lila in a gorgeous 3 piece Gymboree outfit made up of a twill skirt, short sleeve polo, and coordinating cardigan sweater.  This entire outfit was $9.50!  Alyssa is modeling her sweet Candie’s brand peasant blouse ($3.50) and Gymboree jean skirt ($4.50) – that’s only $8.00 total.  I loved both of these outfits on my girls.


photo of clothing from once upon a child in stow
(L) Lila's outfit: $18.50 (R) Alyssa's outfit: $13.00 - before 15% off coupon

This photo shows Lila in another 3 piece outfit: Stretch Gymboree Jeans ($6.50), a long-sleeve Gymboree t-shirt ($4.50) and a totally stinkin’ cute green cardigan vest from Eagle’s Eye ($7.50), totalling $18.50 for a picture perfect outfit.  Alyssa’s outfit is made up of a Justice peace t-shirt ($4.50) and great fitting Aeropostale jeans ($8.50) – making her hip outfit come in at $13.00


(L) Lila's outfit: 11.00 (R) Alyssa's outfit: $13.00 - before 15% off coupon

In this photo, Lila is wearing a too cute Gap sweater dress ($8.50) with a Circo t-shirt underneath ($2.50), making this an $11.00 outfit.  Alyssa’s pretty yet comfortable in a blouse from Love MKN ($5.50), and brand new, tags still on Gap knit yoga pants ($7.50). That brings her outfit to $13.00 total.

Now, to make these prices even sweeter, the week we shopped, Annie was offering a 15% off your entire order coupon!  That brings my totals for all three outfits for both girls to:

Lila:     $9.50 + $18.50 + $11.00 = $39.00 minus 15% = $33.15

Alyssa: $8.00 + $13.00 + $13.00 = $34.00 minus 15% =$28.90

That’s for 6 complete outfits, people!  I find that simply amazing.  You’d be lucky to get ONE of those outfits for $30 regular retail!

Our Results

The wide smiles on my girls’ faces because of their new, trendy school clothes was priceless, but I gotta tell you, I too was smiling because of the low prices!  🙂  Would you believe me if I said Once Upon A Child in Stow could sweeten the deal even more?  The day we were shopping, I brought in a small bag of clothing Lila had outgrown that I wanted to sell.   Once Upon A Child paid me $28.50, even after rejecting a couple of items.  So ultimately, for 6 outfits for my girls, I had an out-of-pocket cost of about $33.00.  That’s what I call stretching your dollar!  We couldn’t be happier about the entire experience.

Shop. Sell. Repeat.

A word to the wise:  repeat shopping at Once Upon a Child is a really smart thing to do.  Annie tells me that on a busy day, they could have 75 people selling clothing to them.  She and her staff turn around those new items within a day or two, and before you know it, they are on the racks waiting for you to check  out.  Their inventory truly changes daily.

Oh, and unlike some other resale stores, no appointment is needed to sell your items at Once Upon A Child in Stow.  If they are open, they’re usually buying!

Once Upon A Child in Stow, OH

4272 Kent Rd.

Stow, OH  44224



Once Upon A Child in Stow on Facebook

Hours: Mon. – Fri. 10-8, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5

Stow, OH 44224

Win a $30 Gift Card to Once Upon A Child in Stow, OH – Valid only at Stow, OH location (Closed)

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