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Huggs Carrier

Our little Pumpkin is due very soon and I am a huge fan of wearing my little ones, but I have never really found a carrier that I felt comfortable in. Doug has the same problem too. I used to feel like having a smaller frame works against comfortable babywearing.  Recently we have been trying out The Huggs Contour Carrier by Abiie and love it! So we wanted to share it with you!

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What makes Huggs Contour Different?

First off the Huggs Contour can be used from 12lbs to weight for it (hehe a little joke) 45lbs!!! So for me this is amazing and a little bit of a bummer, I have SMALL babies so I won’t be able to use it  right away, but that means that my kids will be able to use the carrier for much longer too!  I mean Kiernan is 5 and I could still use it with him… Although he would hate it.:)  Also the Huggs Contour can be used in 4 different positions! Don’t worry I will explain that some more! Also, this carrier focuses on baby’s hips and legs being positioned correctly. ( Frog-leg/ M-position.)

4 Easy to Carry Positions

As I mentioned there are 4 carrier positions. I’m sure you are racking your brain trying to figure out how there are 4 options. Well, Huggs Contour has Front facing in, Front facing out, Back carry and DUN.. DUN… DUN Hip Carry! I love the Hip Carry option already!  Front facing in is for use from about 4 months to 24 months. Check out Scarlett and Doug! She actually didn’t mind being in the carrier in any position! She could easily cuddle mom or dad as needed.  Front facing out is for 6 months to 18 months, I can’t wait to carry our new little lady this way so she can visually explore the world around us.  Back Carrying mode is for 6-48 months, this is going to be a summertime favorite for us.  Hip Carry mode is our current favorite with Scarlett, having the added support really helps get the stress off our backs when we carry her.    The padded straps make this carrier very comfortable!

Huggs Carrier in Hip Carry!


Other Special Features

You will love the hood that gives your baby some privacy, shade, and prevents over stimulation. Abiie also includes videos to help you safely and comfortably use the Huggs Contour Carrier. Check them out here. You will love that the clips and straps are easy to use! The waist strap has a pocket to tuck in the strap so it’s not flopping around. The included teething pads will come in handy too, My kids have always chewed/drooled on my carrier straps.  Cleaning  is easy too, the carrier itself can be machine washed ( warm water, gentle cycle, and drip-dry.) the support booster seat is spot clean only The center panel is also a dual layer of  fabric over mesh, so on those hot days it can be folded down to keep your little one from overheating.

Anything else I should know about the Huggs Carrier?

Your Huggs Huggs carrier is covered under a 2-year warranty from date of purchase.  As with any other carrier, from time to time check that seems and fabric are not worn or damaged. You can order the Huggs Contour on Amazon below or directly from Abiie’s website. There are also two color options, Gray or Khaki!

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