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All socks are not made the same. If you want a soft, durable, and super comfy sock, you’ve got to try Paka socks. I’ve been living in my Paka socks since this Fall, and I love them! They are my go-to sock now for every day.  Paka socks are unique because they are made from alpaca hair, which adds so many benefits that other socks can’t even begin to compete with. For instance, Alpa fiber is naturally thermoregulating, has air pocks that make them 3x lighter than sheep wool, doesn’t stay wet, and apparently doesn’t allow bacteria to grow, so you can wear them and rewear them for a long time (I haven’t tried this).

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What I do know is that PAKA socks have become my favorite, and I’m always searching for a clean pair it’s the first thing I pick out of the laundry basket if I haven’t folded and put away the laundry yet!  In the winter, my feet freeze – while I’m indoors or even while wearing warm boots outdoors. I’ve been really living the life this season with my PAKA socks because cold feet aren’t a constant concern!  Alpaca fiber is warmer than other materials. Now, I’m not saying I haven’t had warm socks before because I have had plenty, but another thing that makes PAKA unique is that the socks are not huge and bulky like other warmer socks. These socks are lightweight. Plus, other socks get too hot, PAKA socks are breathable, so although they are warm, they aren’t suffocating. These socks are must-have socks for Ohio winters!

I wear them everyday at home, hiking, on cold nights sleeping, and even under dress pants. They really offer comfort and warmth that I’ve not found with ordinary socks. PAKA socks are made of 41% Alpaca Fiber, 8% Tencel, 50% Recycled Nylon, and 1% Spandex. I wear a size 11 shoe so finding socks that fit is not easy for me. I love that these socks actually fit – you can order the right size for you too.

Like I said, Alpaca fibers are naturally odor-free as bacteria can’t grow on it. I haven’t really put it to the test because I don’t typically have smelly feet but they dare you wear them for a week straight to test them out. I’m going to take their word for it but it is a huge benefit if you have smelly feet or to give as a gift to someone who does!I was very pleased to see that they are machine washable too – I wasn’t sure since this is my first pair of alpaca socks. They are durable too with a lifetime warranty! They also sell sweaters, hoodies, and hats! Check out all the PAKA goods on the PAKA website.

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